Teflon Coating For Car or Bike – Waste of money


When I bought my new car, I had a question in mind:

Should I Get Teflon Coating On My Car?

To find the answer I read through many car forums and blogs, user reviews on Teflon coating. The conclusion of my research was that its a waste of money. Yes it gives your car a sparkling shine, but you might know the reality behind the so-called Teflon coating. Let me share my experience of the teflon coating and my research with you.


When I say Teflon coating for Car or bike is a waste of money, many of you might be thinking why waste when it gives a sparkling look to the car or the bike. Well let me tell you the reason for the same.

The very reason for not going for teflon coating is they do not use teflon for teflon coating!

Teflon is a non-sticking chemical also called PTFE (ploy-tetra-fluro-ethylene). The coating which is done on cars and bikes is not actually teflon coating, its just a good or medium quality wax polish with some other chemical compounds.

I got teflon-coating done on my bike some months back. They applied a paste kind of chemical and rubbed it on bike with a cloth. They dried it, and then buffed using a hand roller which had cloths rubbing against the bike body. After that, it was shiny and good, but that shine lasted for 2 weeks and then there was nothing un-usual. No special scratch-resistance, nothing!

The so-called-teflon gives a shine to your car which may last from a week to a few months depending on how good is the polish they use, and also depends on the way you use and your car.

If you drive in less dusty place and park your car or bike in shade, the coating may last longer.

What is the point in paying for what you are not getting?

In the name of teflon-coating, most dealers are doing a good quality of wax polish with buffing. So next time, you want your car to out-shine all the cars around, go to the dealer and ask him for good quality wax polish and buffing, and pay him for polish and buffing, and not teflon coating which they any ways don’t use.

Also, I would recommend you to buy a good quality polish or wax and do it once in a while yourself for your car if you like, its very easy and fun!

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  1. That was really educating! I almost got it done once. Well, it sure is fun to polish your car yourself, the bonus is you get to spend more time with your baby. Been there, done that 🙂

  2. Hey guys I do have CBZ bike and a I10 car… and to say other than regular servicing I do not allow anyone to do anything extra on both my vehicle…
    Frankly to say I do weekly washing and waxing of exterior and interior cleaning and using a dash board cleaner…

    I would like you people to suggest a dash board cleaner, Vista believe me or not.. .I tried few dash board cleaners and the way Vista had worked no other cleaner gave me results…. and believe me the result would be as good and quick as the some add of pril or Vim supreme…. literally spray and wipe and wallllaaah ur car is as good as new

  3. Thanx for sharing a god information. its really an eye opener news. let me start doing it my self. but how do i know which polish or wax is compatible for which material, becoz there are so many different plastics are in our bikes or cars ? like ABS, PP and etc. – Ramki

  4. @Ramki
    Go to some car accessory shop and buy a good polish from there. Rather than solid wax, i would recommend soft polish which are more like a thin paste, or creams.

  5. thank u very much for the informationabout the taflon polish. I was about to purchase the taflon polish. My money was saved by your pricious information.Can u suggest a brand company name for the same on which we can realise .

  6. i think so he made you fool..by saying that he will do Teflon coating..but he did Wax coating on your bike buddy….haha…even my friend experience this kind of problem..but we complained at the service center…& he give us an extra Teflon Coating as his appologise…

  7. Hello People,

    I have done Teflon coating on my car and its been there for the last 6 years. And they still shine as they were the first day. I do not think wax is a good solution as it attracts dust particles on the car body. And when you use a soft cloth to dust ot wipe out the dust particles, it makes minute scratches everytime you do it. Over a period of time, you have an ugly looking baby. A mild shampoo on the teflon treated body is recommended. See the results yourself. And as for first time application, teflon coating is not done by spray or apllying it directly on the body. The correct method is it is sprayed and then buffed inside a controlled temperature compartment and treated with heat. it takes about an overnight for best result. Been there done that!!!! Cheers!!!

  8. he is 100% correct..
    i took a new car from tata dealers and thy told they will do teflon coating and tht morons used a wax and polished my car..and nw the shining is gone

  9. i buyed fazer bike last month i taught to make teflon coat for it but after i saw all this folish thing i think its better bring a polish n make it by own once in two months so can any1 pls sujjest me good brand name of wax……..

  10. hi pro-max auto detail i see people charge $200.00 dollar or more for ” teflon” its not teflon its polish and wax if you want a better protection ask you dealer for extra coat of clear coat it will protect your paint and it last for ever….

  11. This man is absolutily right, it is just a waste of money. I have already experienced it. Now i do it myslf.

  12. Absoultely waste of money. Paid 600/- for a bike ‘teflon’ coating which to my surprise came out to be just a liquid chemical coat with cloth rubbing. although the bike had a great shine immediately, but it lasted only for about 2 weeks.

    Buy Waxpol liquid or any other good wax to shine your own car/bike in much cheaper cost.


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