Thar may discontinue its base model with side-facing rear seats after the Global NCAP results!

Global NCAP recently crash-tested the all-new Mahindra Thar. The Thar managed an impressive 4-star safety rating. In the adult occupancy, Thar managed 12.52 points out of 17, making it a 4-star rating. This means that the protection for driver and passenger heads, necks, chest and knees was good or adequate. The bodyshell of the Thar was rated stable and it was capable of withstanding even higher loadings.

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In the child occupancy, Thar received a respectable 41.11 out of 49, ensuring the 4-star safety rating. The ISOFIX child seat anchors and a three-point seatbelt configuration are primarily responsible for this rating. This variant of the Thar had a front seating arrangement.

What is the problem with side-facing rear seats?

It is interesting to note that, the Global NCAP decided to test the top-trim for the Mahindra Thar, which is generally not the case. This is because the rating applies to the entire line-up of the vehicle. However, Mahindra still decided to give its top-end variant for the test. But because the lower variant of the Thar has a side-facing seating arrangement, this rating will not be applicable to that. If Mahindra decides to keep selling this lower-end variant, the crash test rating will be nullified and Mahindra will have to send its base variant for the test again.

Mahindra Thar Global NCAP Crash Test

Now, Mahindra Thar was launched in Oct 2020 and has already been selling like hotcakes, particularly the higher-end variants. Impressive crash test performance has further enhanced its appeal. It has become extremely popular now because of the new looks and features making it an SUV that one can use not only on the off-roads but also in the city for everyday use. Naturally, Mahindra does not want to lose this rating because it has been a matter of pride for the brand. A lot of customers love the brand because of the safety ratings of its vehicles recently.

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What could Mahindra do?

That is why Mahindra will most likely discontinue its side facing rear seat arrangement variant. It might decide to re-introduce the base variant with front-facing seats. This is clear because the official website of Mahindra does not show the base variant anymore. Currently, only the AX optional and LX variants are available on the website. The AX optional variant starts at Rs 11.90 lacs and the LX starts at Rs 12.49 lacs, ex-showroom Pune. However, there are a whole bunch of options available to customize your Thar according to your requirements.

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