The Copenhagen Wheel – Revolutionary Technology To Convert Any Bicycle Into A Hybrid

Copenhagen Wheel is a revolutionary concept which has been materialized by a team of researchers from MIT. This is a wonderful wheel that implements re-generative braking on your bicycle.


This wheel has an arrangement of saving the energy when you apply brakes. In normal bicycle, energy will turn into heat, in this wheel, it will be converted into re-usable electric energy stored in batteries. This energy will be used to give a power boost next time you start pedaling. This means that you can save the energy and use it which will otherwise go waste in form of heat when you apply the brakes.

The story does not end here, its much more than this. The Copenhagen Wheel has been made intelligent with the use of wonderful mobile and computing technologies. This system is integrated with Smart-phones  like iPhone which will keep a track of friends using Copenhagen Wheel, Rider’s fitness, smog and traffic conditions using the mobile network.


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The best part is the neat implementation of the concept inside the wheel hub which makes it extremely easy to Install on any Standard bike. Below Video will make the concept and working really clear:

If you consider this technology for a developing country like India, where we have large number of bicycle and Rickshaws (its a tricycle used to carry 2 or 3 passengers and one rider rides them to destination, its like a human powered taxi : learn more at this link ), this technology has great utility.

To optimize it for India, this kind of technology can be made cheaper by subtracting the smart features which help to monitor and connect the wheel and just use the technology that saves the energy and helps the rider, it can be a popular thing in India.

I love to see more technologies like this which can do a bit to save the earth from ill effects of global warming by reducing the carbon emissions and encouraging green technologies.

See more details about the Copenhagen Wheel at the Official Copenhagen Wheel Website