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The (in)Famous Odd-Even Rule To Resume Soon In Delhi

In addition to the odd-even rule, to curb the pollution the Chief Minister has also come up with a sevent point action plan to curb the pollution of the state.

The Delhi government is on a spree to keep the pollution out of the city, well, mostly making headlines which affect the automotive industry. Firstly, scrapping of old petrol and diesel cars which are 15 and 10 years old respectively. And secondly, the not so famous odd-even rule and yes, the rule is returning again to Delhi.

Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has said in a statement that, they will imply the odd-even rule from November 4 to November 15. This is the third time that this scheme will be implemented.

The scheme exempts the rule of odd and even number vehicles on leave days. And also for emergency vehicles and the CNG vehicles. The period of this rule is chosen at this time of the year is because the pollution levels are at its peak due to crop burning from the nearby states.

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Basically the odd-even rule, the drivers can drive their vehicles depending on the particular date or every other alternative day. For example, if its November 6th then all the only even number of vehicles can ply on the roads. And on November 7th, only the car who have registration plates ending with an odd number can be seen on Delhi roads.

In addition, the CM has also come up with a plan to curb the pollution of Delhi during this period. This include distributing of face masks, special plans for 12 pollution hotspots, tree plantation and mechanised sweeping of roads.

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In other news, Mr Kejriwal has also expressed his views on new motor vehicles amendment act and how the high traffic fines are becoming a piece of news. Like other states which have just not accepted this new act or states like Gujarat which have slashed the traffic fines by a good percentage. He said, if these fines will harass more people then the government will reduce the fine rates.