This Maruti 800 Is Modified To Look Like A Suzuki Jimny Copy!

Check out this modified Maruti 800 which has been made to look like a cheap and smaller version of the popular Suzuki Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny is long speculated to be launched in India and even now, there are reports suggesting that it could come to India next year. Many potential buyers and enthusiasts are waiting for that day. However, for them, here’s an instant and affordable plan that you can do. Check it out!

This Maruti 800 has been modified into a lookalike of Suzuki Jimny, that too a convertible. Its definitely a cheap knockoff but the detailing is quite impressive. Keeping the dimensions and convertible aside, it could then actually pass off like a base variant of Jimny. This modification has been completely done from scratch at a garage.

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The components of this Maruti 800 have been chopped off completely, including the roof, doors and bonnet. After taking it apart, the modifier starts working on everything from scratch. The bonnet is made first followed by a completely new front bumper. The front grille here is very similar to the older Suzuki Jimny.

The height of the bonnet has been raised to look like an SUV. Once the front portion is made, it is welded into a single portion and then painted. Also, you can see that it gets round headlamps which is still seen on the Suzuki Jimny. It is now made into a two door SUV with no roof and a sporty convertible-type spoiler.

It also gets these tractor tyres and a reworked suspension, which again for the SUV feel. Some of the aftermarket accessories include LED headlamps, side-facing seats for rear occupants, new tail lamps and a white colour dashboard with blue panels. All these modifications are done at a local workshop which is something to applaud. Hats off to the guy who made this!

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As for the Jimny, it is believed to be launched in India sometime next year. Maruti showcased the three-door version at the Auto Expo 2020, but we will be getting the 5-seater version. Under the hood, it will get a 1.5 Litre petrol engine, paired with a MT and an AT. Prices are expected to commence at Rs 8 Lakhs up to Rs 11 Lakhs.