This Tata Hexa Rolled Atleast 10 Times And Kept Passengers Safe

Check out this major accident involving a Tata Hexa which rolled over at least 10 times before it came to a stop upside down itself.

Tata Hexa has not received any safety rating till yet, but is another strong car to come from the Pune-based manufacturer. It is very popular among diesel-heads and those who love driving a nice heavy built car. Among all the other accidents of Hexa that we have seen till now, here is one example where it went through some irreparable damage.

The owner was travelling alone in his Tata Hexa at the time of the accident. While overspeeding, he lost control of the car and it ended up rolling 10 times before coming to a halt. The car was found upside down before it was put straight by the people. Despite all this, the owner walked away without any major injuries. Just some cuts and bruises.

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Now the Hexa is sitting at a service center while its costs are being calculated. The owner has apparently purchased or booked another one already. Mostly, it will be a used car only because the MPV has been discontinued. The structure has undergone a severe damage with impact on the roof, bumpers, doors and even the alloy wheels.

The alloy wheels on the driver side have come off and the axle has been damaged. The roof and bonnet have crumpled up. Looks like only the A-Pillar has been impacted. The bill is expected to come in Lakhs if it is repairable. By the looks of it, we can possibly say that it will be going to the scrap dealer and its parts will be sold.

The platform that is used on the Tata Hexa is very strong and of high steel quality. Despite being just equipped with dual airbags, it took car of the passenger. That said, the airbags have not been deployed as the impact has not reached the airbag sensors. This one looks like the mid-spec XT variant which gets rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD, corner stability control and rear parking camera.

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Tata discontinued the lovable Hexa due to the BS6 emission norms. However, at the Auto Expo 2020, we saw the Safari Edition of it which came with cosmetic differences. Strong speculations suggest that by the end of this year or early 2021, it will be relaunched with a BS6 compliant diesel engine.

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