Tom Cruise is Again Jumping Motorcycles in the Latest Mission Impossible Film!

Tom Cruise is famous for performing his stunts himself and that includes all this stunts on motorcycles too. In the upcoming iteration of the Mission Impossible franchise, Cruise can be seen jumping a Honda Motocross bike from a 650-foot ramp in a true death-defying stunt.

Tom Cruise is famous for doing his stunts in his films by himself and the fifty-eight-year-old Hollywood star is back in action now. Tom Cruise is jumping yet another motorcycle in the latest iteration if the Mission Impossible Franchise. This time, its a Honda Motocross bike and Cruise can be seen talking a leap off a high ramp in what seems to be a death defying stunt. Both the actor and the bike can be seen tethered with cables, so presumably the action scene is being shot over and over again.

The film is currently being shot in the UK. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the stunt was shot on a 650-foot ramp on the film’s set in Oxfordshire, England and is one of the most expensive scenes to have been shot in the UK, costing over 2 million GBP! To put it into perspective, that’s well over Rs 19 crores for just one stunt. The Mission Impossible films have always featured stunts performed by Cruise himself.

Tom Cruise seen popping wheelies on a BMW G 310 G on the sets of the new Mission Impossible film.
Tom Cruise seen popping wheelies on a BMW G 310 G on the sets of the new Mission Impossible film.

Tom Cruise (or let’ say Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s on-screen character) has been seen climbing the steepest of mountains without any gear, hang from the side of an airplane and even scale the highest buildings in the world in these Mission Impossible films. But what interests us more are Cruise’s on-screen antics which involves any kind of vehicles. High-speed chase sequences are quite a thing in Mission Impossible films and Tom Cruise has been seen pulling off great stunts riding motorcycles in his films.

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Earlier this year, Cruise was also seen pulling off wheelies on a made-in-India BMW G 310 GS. It is speculated that that sighting was from the set of the same film, shot at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey. Tom Cruise has even himself admitted that he spends a lot of time training for motorcycle stunts in some of his earlier interviews. In earlier Mission Impossible films too, Cruise has performed many of the stunts himself, including the several bike chase sequences.

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In fact, Tom Cruise’s love for motorcycles is no secret to his fans. If you remember the original Top Gun movie from 1986, you’d remember his character, Maverick, riding a Kawasaki GPZ900R in that film. Even in the trailer of the Top Gun sequel that was released late last year, Cruise was seen riding a Kawasaki Ninja H2 in the new Top Gun film. Not only does he know his motorcycles, turns out he can also ride them well.

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