Top 7 Weirdest Cars Of India That We Might Have Never Seen On-Road

These are the top 7 weirdest cars that have been made in India. Some of them are seen plying on roads till now, while others are a rare collection.

Now, that every other manufacturer has realised that stylish cars are the done deal, it was a different thing a couple of decades back. That time, manufacturers were focused more on practicality and ignored the part where styling came into consideration. As a result, we had many weird cars running on street.

Here is a list of top 7 weirdest cars of India that actually existed. Some of them are still seen on the roads while some of then are a hidden gem to find. It includes cars having three-wheels, no door cars, small two-seaters and much more.

Top 7 Weirdest Cars Of India


This is the car or you may call a machine, that we see everyday. Especially in Delhi NCR, where this is used to ferry passengers from metro station. Jugaad means makeshift. These cars come with a different front portion, different rear portion and a different engine as well.

Sipani Badal

Sipani Limited built this three-wheeler car in the 1980s. Remember the Blue Robin from Mr Bean? Sipani Badal was made keeping that car in mind. However, due to various complications, the car barely managed to sell in India. Interestingly, it only came with three doors and a rear-wheel-drive configuration.

Hindustan Trekker

Hindustan made this SUV out of the parts of an Ambassador in the 60s and 70s. This car literally did not use any new part and all leftovers from Ambassadors. It came with no doors which was a perfect buy as tourist cars. While it did not find many takers in our country, the police had a special liking for them.

Hindustan Veer

This is again a leftover Ambassador converted into a pickup truck. Basically, the Amby was cut from behind to take shape of a pickup truck. HM barely sold this because people did not understand this car at all. You will be lucky if you manage to spot one.

Chinkara Roadster

This is our own, Indian roadster. Designed by a German engineer in India, it achieved a top speed of 190 km/hr. Chinkara Roadster was not even heard in India in the 90s. It came packed with a powerful 1800cc Isuzu engine and produced 90 BHP.

Tata Spacio

While this car was a hit in the commercial market, it carried a whacky design. Built on the Sumo, the Tata Spacio came with no doors and just a makeshift door which could also be removed. Due to its immense weight capacity and ability to fit many people, it is still running in rural areas.

Trishul Jeep

This is a compact Jeep from the 90s. Built by a company from Patna, Trishul had no doors and was very small in size. It came with a single-cylinder 500cc engine from Lombardini. Very few of this can still be seen in India, but in bad condition.