Top Gear Luxury Car Of The Year 2010 – Jaguar XJ


Being able to takeover two of the world’s most popular and probably oldest brands is a reason in itself to be content. We are talking about the Tatas who bagged the Jaguar and Land Rover a few months back. In fact these two brands are said to be ones who started off the trend of racing and off-roading respectively that too decades back.

In those times the Jaguars were the meanest machines on the race tracks whereas the rovers certainly ruled the bumpy and uncomfortable roads, and both soon started considering the luxury aspect as well. Now Jaguar and Tata both have one more reason to smile. Jaguar Xj has been awarded as the Top Gear Luxury Car Of The Year 2010.


“Blast from the future.Rarely has a new car slackened so many jaws.” is what Top Gear Magazine’s Jason Barlow described the XJ as. According to him the German manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have been a good competition over the past few years but this time the XJ made the competition even more interesting by leaving behind all those boring business class vehicles.

Geoff Cousins, Managing Director, Jaguar UK said,“The Jaguar XJ brought a bold new approach to the luxury car market in the UK with its distinctive design, generous accommodation, exceptional performance and strong economy credentials,”

To us this is definitely the most beautifully designed luxury sedan in the market and is very refreshing.

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