Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Vs Ford Figo Petrol – Which Is Better And Why?

Earlier we brought you a couple of interesting comparison posts which are extremely important for new buyers as they would always be curious to know what a car lacks and what it features, before they decide which one to buy. This comparison post is dedicated to Ford Figo which recently bagged the Car of the Year award and newly arrived Toyota Etios Liva.

Toyota Etios Liva has already been compared with Hyundai i10 and Maruti Wagon R for which the links have been provided at the bottom of the post. Figo is already established in the market and is offered in both CRDI diesel and MPFI petrol variants. The Liva is available in petrol version only and the diesel version is due for launch later this year.


Today we will be comparing the petrol versions of both the cars and as usual we will start with the exteriors first.

Toyota Etios Liva Exteriors Vs Ford Figo Exteriors

The appearance of both the cars pleases us with altogether different designing strategies being employed. The Liva is new and very simple in terms of design with not so appealing skin. The fact that it is too simple is probably the only thing that concerns us but not to disappoint the customers, the company is offering the car with side skirting, and sporty front and rear fenders.

The Figo is a nicely built car and looks quite rugged with flared wheel arches and impressive head lamps. The car looks sportier than the Liva but lacks the type of chrome styling on the front as of Liva. Alloys is what the company has not considered yet along with a set of fog lamps but we believe the options to come soon. Toyota has not compromised in making Liva’s wheels attractive and offers alloy wheels.

Toyota Etios Liva Dimensions

  • Length = 3775 mm
  • Width = 1695 mm
  • Height = 1510 mm
  • Wheelbase = 2460 mm

Ford Figo Dimensions

  • Length = 3795mm
  • Width = 1680mm
  • Height = 1427mm
  • Wheelbase = 2489mm

Dimension wise the Figo is a very tough competitor. Looking at the figures above it is evident that the Figo is longer, wider and even has a longer wheelbase. The only aspect is the height of the car where the Figo loses the lead. This clearly tells how low the Figo is but the Liva isn’t far behind with comparable figures.

Toyota Etios Liva Interiors Vs Ford Figo Interiors

At this stage both the cars seem to be quite near to each other on the inside with great styling and fair finish. Although the Liva is slightly better on the inside with more of an unconventional design for the dashboard. The dashboard of the Figo is again pretty much conventional with nothing amazing except for a dashboard mounted button for opening the boot.


The Liva does not disappoint on the inside with the largest glove box, differently placed AC vents, all power windows but Figo is still not up to the mark with no power windows at the back for standard model. But considering the fit and finish both the cars are at par.

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Engine Vs Ford Figo Petrol Engine

Ford Figo Petrol Specifications

  • 4 Cylinder
  • 1196 CC MPFI Engine
  • Max Power – 71 BHP @ 6250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 102 Nm @ 4000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Specifications

  • 4 Cylinder 3NR-FE Engine
  • 1.2 Liter / 4 Cylinder / 16 Valve DOHC
  • Max Power output of 79 BHP @ 5600 RPM
  • 104 Nm Torque @ 3100 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • ARAI Certified Mileage of 18.31 KMPL

Both the cars have a 1.2 Liter engine coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission. The torque figures are also comparable with a difference of mere 2 Nm but an appreciable gap between the power outputs of the cars is there. The Figo lags by almost 9 BHP with equals to that of a typical 110 C motorcycle. Moreover the Liva is better to drive in the city with a more responsive engine than the Figo and hence Liva is our choice. The fuel consumption of both the cars is again not much of an issue and deliver fair number of kilometers per liter.

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Price Vs Ford Figo Petrol Price

Toyota Etios Liva Hatchback Ex-showroom prices in Delhi are as follows:

  • Toyota Etios Liva J is priced at Rs. 3.99 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva G is priced at Rs. 4.59 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva G (SP)* is priced at Rs. 5.05Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva V is priced at Rs. 5.49 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva VX is priced at Rs. 5.99 Lakhs

Ford Figo Petrol  Price

  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec LXi is Rs. 3.6 Lakhs
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec EXi is Rs. 3.85 Lakhs
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec ZXi is Rs. 4.20 Lakhs
  • Price of Ford Figo 1.2L Duratec Titanium is Rs. 4.50 Lakhs

The most important part, pricing is what distinguishes the two drastically. This clearly tells the difference in the segments of the two. On one hand where Liva starts at Rs. 3.99 and ends at Rs. 5.99 Lakh, the Figo on the other starts selling at Rs. 3.6 and ends at Rs. 4.5 Lakh, hence it is a matter of how much your pocket allows to shed.

Car Blog India verdict – Toyota Etios Liva Vs Ford Figo

The verdict is definitely a lot tougher than we expected. The reason lies in the fact that both the cars are impressive enough in terms of performance and pricing. If the buyer by which I mean you, is looking for a not so expensive hatchback with nice built and amazing driving pleasure, the Figo is the car to go for.

Contrastingly if you are not restricting yourself for adding more money to your budget to bag a quality car which is refreshing and better to drive in the city, then Liva is the recommended one.

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