Is Toyota Hilux Better Off Road Than Costlier Land Cruiser Prado?

Ever since Toyota announced that it is bringing the Hilux pickup truck to our market, people have been curious about its off-roading capabilities. Here is a video to prove what it is capable of doing.

What happens when two legendary Toyota SUVs (Hilux and Land Cruiser) go head-to-head in an off-roading challenge? Well, that is what we are here to find out. The Hilux is all set to make its entry into our market and could cost roughly Rs 30 lakh (ex-showroom). On the other hand, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado seen here is not available in the country but the Prado of the same generation used to cost around Rs 1 crore in India back in 2020. The space of the lifestyle off-roading trucks is sparsely populated at the moment and Toyota wants to change that. With the Isuzu V-Cross making a name for itself in that space, Hilux will attempt to challenge it on the back of its capabilities. Let us check out these two SUVs performing various off-roading tests.

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Toyota Hilux vs Land Cruiser

The challenge is aimed at testing every aspect of off-road driving which is why it consists of so many activities. To begin with, it is a simple drag race up a hill. Both the SUVs are in 4×4 with high-range mode. Land Cruiser launches better and reaches the finish line first too. The Hilux was just marginally behind. In the second race down the hill, the hill descent control of the two vehicles is tested and the last one to reach the finish line wins indicating more control. This time around, the sophisticated system of the Hilux takes the top spot beating the Land Cruiser comfortably. Next up is a race around a hairpin bend to check the manoeuvrability of the large SUVs. The larger turning radius of the Hilux contributes to it losing this race as it took more time around the corner.

The subsequent activities are designed to test the wheel and chassis articulation, ground clearance, tip-over angle and overall stability of the SUVs. The Hilux has a much better ground clearance (310 mm) compared to the Land Cruiser (205 mm). In most of these races, the Toyota Hilux comes out on top with more hardware and better electronics. The Hilux has a rear differential lock along with the centre differential lock for more control. The Land Cruiser has only the centre differential lock. All in all, both these SUVs have merit, especially in the off-road environment.

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toyota land cruiser vs hilux off road race
toyota land cruiser vs hilux off road race

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We are only concerned with the Hilux that is about to be launched in our market pretty soon. The off-roading community is quite loyal towards the Isuzu already and it will be interesting to see if they find the qualities of the Hilux to convert them.

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