TVS Resolves All Issues of Apache Owner Who Dug a Grave to Bury His Apache

  • TVS Apache 160 is a popular product in the Indian market
  • However, the service experience of an owner turned out to be pretty frustrating
  • Thankfully, though, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has resolved all the issues

Earlier this month, we shared details of an incident wherein a TVS Apache owner got so frustrated with the after sales service that he dug a grave to bury his motorcycle. Mostly, the said owner was fed up with the careless attitude of the service staff. Basically, the service centre was not able to provide any solution to the issues have cropped up in the bike. Today, though, TVS Motor Co. has told us that all the issues of the aggrieved customer have been resolved.

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All Issues Stand Resolved

Earlier today, we were told by the motorcycle manufacturer that all the issues that the TVS Apache owner was facing have been resolved. It is truly heartening to see the motorcycle manufacturer taking note of the situation and quickly addressing all the issues. Given below is the statement that was shared with us –

“TVS Motor Company had reached out to the concerned customer and addressed the issue. The same has been resolved now and the motorcycle has been handed back to the customer after an in-depth inspection and thorough check by our dealer. The customer is happy and satisfied with the resolution.”

TVS Apache Service Experience

A video that was uploaded by a popular YouTuber showcases the plight of his friend who owns the concerned Apache. As per the video, after 6 months of purchase, the bike started giving electrical problems. These included things like the headlights, indicators, instrument panel and the horn not working at all. The owner went to the local service centre to diagnose the problem and get a solution.

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After reaching the workshop (TVS Sohna), the staff told him to pay Rs 500 to get the wiring checked. This came as a shock since the bike was naturally under warranty. However, the workshop officials claimed that the warranty doesn’t include electrical wires. On top of that, the owner of the motorcycle alleged having to face a terrible attitude of the staff. He further claimed that the service centre fixed an electrical component from the Yamaha R15 to make the electronics work. This ‘jugaad’ stopped working just outside the workshop.

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Owner Digs Grave to Bury Motorcycle

Then, the owner decided to take the bike to the dealership in Palwal from where he had purchased the bike. However, they mentioned that they can’t touch the bike since the job card at the previous service centre was still open even after 10-15 days. After getting it closed, they said that it will take 15 days to order electrical wiring but installed a temporary solution. Even that stopped working after a while. Finally, he decided to host a video to let everyone know about his ordeal. He even showed that he has dug a grave to bury his motorcycle. Of course, he didn’t actually have to bury the motorcycle as TVS quickly took notice of the situation and resolved all the issues to the customers’ satisfaction.

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TVS Apache Owner Shares Service Experience
TVS Apache Owner Shares Service Experience

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