Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018

Our list of Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 includes New Tiger(s), Bonneville Speed Master and all-new Speed Triple coming

Triumph has been more aggressive about the Indian auto market than even our next door neighbour, the Japanese. The company started retailing its lineup in India back in 2013 has overjoyed enthusiasts with most of the company’s portfolio available for purchase here. Adding to that, Triumph has always focussed on delivering optimum quality vehicles at a competitive price leaving the Japanese competition in the dust. The company has been constantly working to locally assemble more and more products from its portfolio and as a result, its sales keep showing a double-digit increase year over year. Similarly, Triumph plans to assemble 90% of its portfolio in India by next year. Here is a list of upcoming Triumph bikes in India 2018

upcoming triumph bikes in india 2018

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Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 – Tiger 1200

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India - 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 range

The first product to roll out in 2018 from Triumph will be the 2018 Tiger 1200. Triumph has dropped the ‘explorer’ tag for its upcoming adventure bike and the Tiger 1200 will be available in 2 guises, the XR – Road oriented and the XC – off-road oriented. The upcoming 2018 Tiger 1200 will feature several upgrades including minor cosmetic updates, improved ergonomics, less weight and the latest self-balancing semi-active suspension. Also on offer will be up/down quick-shifter, cornering ABS, improved electronics and adaptive cornering lights.

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 – Bonneville Speedmaster

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 - triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Based on the Bonneville Bobber, the upcoming 2018 Bonneville Speedmaster will be the most pocket-friendly tourer by Triumph upon launch. The Bonneville Speedmaster is a more practical version of the Bonneville Bobber featuring a bigger fuel tank for added range, two-up seating and relaxed ergonomics for highway cruising. Expect Triumph to launch the 2018 Bonneville Speedmaster anywhere between March and April 2018.

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 – 2018 Tiger 800 Rage

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 - 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 range

The Tiger has been the most successful adventure tourer and the most successful model for the company Triumph in terms of sales. Th upcoming 2018 Tiger series boasts of new tech on board with several styling updates in-line with the Tiger 1200. The upcoming budget adventure tourer will host all-new LED lighting, sharper styling, and a full-colour TFT instrument panel, and will come with a choice of six riding modes. Also on offer will be the new adjustable windscreen, new seat compound and high-spec Brembo brakes and Showa suspension. The new Tiger 800 will have a shorter-ratio first gear for abrupt acceleration and a new Off-Road Pro riding mode in the off-road biased versions which will be offered as an optional extra. The engine’s power output remains the same while the company officials claim that the engine in the 2018 Tiger 800 series has been dynamically adjusted for better performance and will feature a lighter and freer flowing exhaust.

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 – 2018 Speed Triple

Upcoming Triumph Bikes in India 2018 - 2018 Triumph Speed Triple spy shot

Endling the list is the all-new 2018 Speed Triple which has been spotted testing number of times during the last couple of months. If reports online are to be believed, the next generation Speed Triple is expected to feature a lot of updates. The design will look resemble that of the new Street Triple series. The upcoming 2018 Speed Triple is expected to feature updates like a new subframe, all-new TFT instrument panel, and with improved electronics and performance. Looking at the reap of this article, Triumph is sure going to have a busy year ahead.

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