Upcoming New TVS Bikes in India

Do you love the Apache range of motorcycles? For this, you have to thank TVS Motors. However, the Chennai-based company also sells commuter motorcycles such as Victor, Star City and Sport, and scooters such as Zest, Scooty Pep+ and Jupiter. Since past few months, TVS has been able generate quite a buzz around itself. It all started with the launch of Apache RTR 200 4V, followed by announcement of company’s partnership with BMW Motorrad. As a result, not only is BMW Motorrad in India but we are also likely to get a home-grown, full-blown sportbike soon. TVS has a lot coming for us in the future too. We have compiled all that TVS has in store for us in this list of upcoming new TVS bikes in India. Do give it a read.

Upcoming New TVS Bikes

Upcoming New TVS Bikes in India

Most of TVS’s upcoming launches centre around its Apache range of bikes. After all, it is because of the Apache series that TVS enjoys a dedicated following among motorcycle enthusiasts in the country. So, let’s take a look at what TVS has in the pipeline for us.

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New 2018 TVS Apache RTR 160

Estimated PriceRs 80,000 – 86,500
Launch DateFebruary 2018
EngineCarbureted, single-cylinder, 159.7cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS Apache RTR 160

Strategically the most important among all the upcoming new TVS bikes in India, the Apache RTR 160 facelift could greet us at the Auto Expo 2018. The Apache RTR 160 may be positioned as the ‘entry-level’ Apache motorcycle. However, it is anything but. It has often been named in the same breath as the Yamaha YZF-R15, which is big praise for any motorcycle from an Indian maker. Speaking of the new bike though, expect it to come with new styling, as it will be an all-new model. Also likely are more features onboard and a more powerful engine too. The new Apache RTR 160 will likely be positioned as a direct rival to the Pulsar NS 160, which helps justify its expected price tag.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR 180

Estimated PriceRs 85,000 – 91,500
Launch DateFebruary 2018
EngineCarbureted, single-cylinder, 177.4cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS Apache RTR 180

If there is a new Apache RTR 160 in works, then how can the Apache RTR 180 be fdar behind? The Apache RTR 180 is based on the Apache RTR 160. This means new styling and new features. In terms of new parts, a monoshock rear suspension seems likely on the new Apache RTR 180. Also likely is the featuring of a new, fully-digital speedo console on the bike. Expect dual-channel ABS to be offered as standard feature on the bike.

While we are rooting for a new engine for the Apache RTR 180, akin to what the Apache RTR 160 is likely to get, the existing engine may be carried over to the new bike. In that case, it is likely that Apache RTR 180’s engine will be tweaked for slightly more power, torque and better throttle response. The table above accommodates these likely changes in Apache RTR 180’s engine.

TVS Apache RR 310S

Estimated PriceRs 1.70 lakh – 1.90 lakh
Launch DateApril 2018
EngineFuel-injected, single-cylinder, 313cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS Apache RR 310S

Let’s talk about the big-hitter in the Apache range of motorcycles. The Apache RR 310S, also known as Akula 310, will be the flagship motorcycle of the Apache range. It was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 and from the looks of it, it looks ready to race even when it is just standing still.

This bike gets the same engine as the BMW G310R. However, in this application, the 313cc engine will likely make more power and torque than it does on the G 310 R. Expect ABS to come as an optional piece of equipment. Though we don’t expect this bike come for cheap, our expected price tag for this bike seems quite mouth-watering when you consider what is on offer. Due to this reason, this is perhaps the most awaited of all the upcoming new TVS bikes on this list.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V FI

Estimated PriceRs 1.20 lakh – 1.26 lakh
Launch DateMarch 2018
EngineFuel-injected, single-cylinder, 197.7cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS Apache RTR 200 4V FI

Time to talk about the most powerful (for now) Apache. The RTR 200 4V was launched amid much fanfare some months ago. TVS also said that a fuel-injected version of the bike will be made available. However, it is yet to go on sale in India. Whatever be the issues, it seems the bike will soon be on sale. As per TVS, Bosch has developed this bike’s FI system.

The Apache RTR 200 4V FI is a slightly faster bike than the regular Apache RTR 200 4V. Its 0-60 kph time, as per TVS, is 3.9 seconds. The carbureted bike’s time stands at 3.95 seconds. At 129 kph, its top speed is 2 kph faster than the carbureted bike’s. Plus, it is likely to come equipped with ABS and Pirelli tyres as standard equipment.


Estimated PriceRs 1.50 lakh – 1.70 lakh
Launch DateSeptember 2018
EngineFuel-injected, single-cylinder, 197.7cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS X21

Easily the raciest among all upcoming new TVS Bikes in India, the X21 is the Apache RTR 200 4V in race-spec form. Sporting the same 197.7cc engine, this bike should make 27BHP power and 22Nm torque (as per our estimate) as the Apache RTR 200 4V makes 21BHP power and 18Nm torque. This bike will likely have a fully-digital speedo console and may see some track action in TVS one-make championship before heading for sale to the general public.

TVS Graphite Scooter

Estimated PriceRs 70000-75000
Launch DateH1, 2018
Engine125cc Fuel Injeced or 150cc Carb.
TransmissionAMT with Paddle Shifters

tvs graphite india images

TVS will likely unveil the production version of the Graphite automatic scooter at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Graphite made its public debut at the 2014 Auto Expo in its concept avatar. The new model looks really modern, has many features like Bluetooth and Satellite Navigation, and even an AMT with paddle shifters. Specifications are not clear at the moment but it will get either a 125cc fuel-injected or a 150cc carburetted engine.

TVS EntorQ 210

Estimated PriceRs 70,000 – 80,000
Launch DateJuly 2018
EngineFuel-injected, single-cylinder, 125cc

Upcoming New TVS Bikes - TVS EntorQ 210

The EntorQ 210 was first showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo in concept form. Rumours swirling around the scooter suggest it to sport a 125cc engine, with liquid-cooling and fuel injection, that makes close to 14BHP power and 10Nm torque. With an automatic gearbox onboard, this scooter should have good around-town usability. Expect to see this scooter on sale by July 2018.


Estimated PriceRs 90,000 – 1.00 lakh
Launch DateNovember/December 2018
EngineCarbureted, single-cylinder, 100cc/Electric

The IQube is one of the most interesting models among the upcoming New TVS Bikes in India. This hybrid scooter is expected to launch at the end of 2018, this scooter has a 100cc carbureted, single-cylinder motor that is paired to an electric motor. Sending its power to the rear wheel via a four-speed gearbox, both engines’ combined output should likely be in the vicinity of 10BHP and 15Nm of power and torque, respectively. Don’t expect this scooter to come with an inexpensive price tag as hybrid vehicles, under GST, attract maximum tax of 28 per cent.

TVS Jupiter 125cc

Estimated PriceRs56000
Launch DateNovember/December 2018
Engine125cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Power9.5 BHP
Torque9 Nm

2017 tvs jupiter `125cc images mystic goldTVS will also launch a new 125cc version of its Jupiter automatic scooter. It’s likely to debut a couple of months prior to the Delhi Auto Expo 2018 and will rival mainly the Honda Activa 125. It will continue to offer a long list of features, and as is typical of TVS bikes, will have a punchy motor. Expect the comfortable seat of the 110cc Jupiter to be retained.

TVS Electric Bike

Estimated PriceRs 60000
Launch DateAuto Expo 2018
EngineElectric motor

TVS will also come up with an electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2018. This scooter will have an electric motor and rechargeable LiON batteries. It will borrow heavily from the Jupiter.

Upcoming New TVS Bikes in India – Round Up

2018 Apache RTR 160Rs 80,000 – 86,500
2018 Apache RTR 180Rs 85,000 – 91,500
Apache RR 310SRs 1.70 lakh – 1.90 lakh
Apache RTR 2004V FIRs 1.20 lakh – 1.26 lakh
X21Rs 1.50 lakh – 1.70 lakh
EntorQ 210Rs 70,000 – Rs 80,000
IQubeRs 90,000 – 1.00 lakh

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