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TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018

TVS is among the few sport bike manufacturers in India. You need not look any further than its Apache range of bikes to know what the brand is capable of. However, outside of the Apache RTR 200 4V, its bikes are quite old now. With Auto Expo 2018 coming up, TVS will likely give its Apache lineup a makeover with some new showcases at the show. We are also likely to see some new additions to the Apache lineup at the Auto Expo 2018. With that in mind, here’s a list of all the TVS Bikes at Auto Expo 2018 that you can expect to see at the show.

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018

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TVS Bikes at Auto Expo 2018

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR 160

Estimated Price Rs 80,000 – 86,500
Specifications Carbureted, single cylinder, 159.7cc
Launch Date February 2018

TVS Bikes at Auto Expo 2018 - TVS Apache RTR 160

The Apache RTR 160 has been giving the Pulsar 150 a tough time in the Indian motorcycle market. Hence, from the perspective of an average bike buyer, the Apache RTR 160 is perhaps the most important new launches from TVS. The Matte Blue version of the bike seems to be the swan song of the current generation of Apache RTR 160. The next-gen Apache 160, as a result, will be an all-new model with new styling elements, features, parts and a more powerful engine (likely). The new Apache RTR 160 will likely be positioned as a direct rival to the Pulsar NS 160. Hence, its price is expected to start from Rs 80,000.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR 180

Estimated Price Rs 85,000 – 91,500
Specifications Carbureted, Single cylinder, 177.4cc
Launch Date February 2018

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018 - TVS Apache RTR 180

Continuing in the same vein as we talked about the Apache RTR 160, the RTR 180 version will likely enter a new generation too. After all, it also has got the Matte Blue Edition and has not been updated since. In its new generation, the Apache RTR 180 will get new styling, a more powerful engine and more features. Do expect to see a monoshock unit handling suspension duties at the rear of the bike.

Other notable changes will likely include a fully-digital speedo console and may be even backlit switchgear. ABS will also likely be carried over from the current generation bike to the next-gen one. The engine of the Apache RTRT 180 will likely be massaged for more power and torque production. Lastly, this bike bike is likely to stick with a five-speed gearbox, but may get a six-speed transmission too.

TVS Apache RR 310S

Estimated Price Rs. 1.7 lakh – 1.9 lakh
Specifications Fuel-injected, single cylinder, 310cc
Launch Date April 2018

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018 - TVS Apache RR 310S

Partnering with BMW Motorrad has benefitted TVS Motors. The Apache RTR 310S is a proof of that. Sporting the same engine as the BMW G 310 R, TVS has been able to make a race bike. So, expect the RTR 310S’ engine to be more powerful than that of G 310 R. This bike was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016 where it wowed the audience. Other mechanical bits likely to find their way on the bike are upside down fork up front, monoshock at the back, disc brakes at both ends, ABS and a fully-digital speedo console.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V FI

Estimated Price Rs. 1.20 lakh – 1.27 lakh
Specifications Fuel-injected, single cylinder, 200cc
Launch Date March 2018

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018 - TVS Apache RTR 200 4V FI

The Apache RTR 200 4V is the biggest Apache you can buy till date. It is available in different variants. Out of these, the most-awaited one is perhaps the fuel-injected one. The fuel-injected Apache RTR 200 will perhaps be the range-topping RTR 200 4V, replete with ABS and Pirelli tyres. As per TVS’ website, Bosch has developed the RTR 200 4V’s fuel-injection system. The rest of the bike will be the same as the carbureted version that is one sale today. The fuel-injected RTR 200 will have slightly higher top speed than carbureted bike, thanks to a 1PS increase in power. The bike will also have KYB-tuned monoshock at the back and dual-channel ABS.


Estimated Price Rs. 1.50 lakh -1.70 lakh
Specifications Fuel-injected, single cylinder, 197.7cc
Launch Date September 2018

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018 - TVS X21

The TVS X21 is the Apache RTR 200 4V all prepped up for race track use. To that end, it has the same 197.7cc engine as the Apache RTR 200 4V. The only difference is that X21 gets a fuel-injected version of the engine. Expect the bike to sport a production-ready look at Auto Expo 2018. Post its showcasing at the auto show, this bike will likely see some track duty in the TVS one-make championship before heading to the showrooms.

TVS EntorQ 210

Estimated Price Rs. 70,000 – 80,000
Specifications Fuel-injected, single cylinder, 125cc
Launch Date July 2018

TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018 - TVS EntorQ 210

The EntorQ 210 has previously been showcased at the Auto Expo 2016. THis scooter will likely be a performance scooter. To that end, expect it to come equipped with a 125cc engine that has fuel injection and liquid-cooling. Expect to see this scooter to sport a more production-ready look at Auto Expo 2018. Expect it also retain features such as front disc brake, upside down front fork and ABS from the concept version.


Estimated Price Rs. 90,000 – 1.00 lakh
Specifications Carbureted, single cylinder, 100cc/Electric
Launch Date November/December 2018

The IQube is a hybrid scooter from TVS that is likely to come to India in 2018. Hence, it will most likely show up at the Auto Expo 2018. This scooter sports a carbureted, single cylinder, 100cc engine paired to an electric motor. However, the petrol engine acts as a range extender  while primary propulsion is provided by the electric motor. However, this scooter will likely cost a pretty penny. After all, it is a hybrid scooter and hence, will attract the maximum 28 per cent GST upon launch.

TVS Electric Scooter

Estimated Price Rs 60000
Launch Date Auto Expo 2018
Engine Electric motor
Power TBA
Torque TBA
Transmission eCVT

2017 tvs jupiter `125cc images mystic gold

TVS will also come up with an electric scooter at the Auto Expo 2018. This scooter will have an electric motor and rechargeable LiON batteries. It will borrow heavily from the Jupiter.

New TVS Bikes At Auto Expo 2018

Bike Expected Price
New 2018 Apache RTR 160 Rs 80,000 – 86,500
New 2018 Apache RTR 180 Rs 85,000 – 91,500
Apache RR 310S Rs 1.70 lakh – 1.90 lakh
Apache RTR 200 4V FI Rs 1.20 lakh – 1.27 lakh
X21 Rs 1.50 lakh – 1.70 lakh
EntorQ 210 Rs. 70,000 – 80,000
IQube Rs. 90,000 – 1.00 lakh
Electric Scooter Rs. 60,000

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