Volkswagen 10 Speed DSG Automatic Gear Box Under Development

The German automotive expert VW is developing a Volkswagen 10 Speed DSG gear box. The gear box would be another super efficient product by the company. This would be one up from land Rover’s nine speed unit. This nine speed unit from Land rover will be going to debut in near future in the Evoque. Secondly company is focusing on the development of high end modular diesel engine. The diesel engine will be going to develop 134 BHP in a liter. The announcement of this project has been done in the International Vienna Motor Symposium. The company has an aim to control the CO2 emissions level of the European’s new car lineage. The level of CO2 emissions is aimed to control at least 95g of CO2 in a kilo meter. The mission is set till the year 2020. The official declared that company will be developing technologies for the medium and long term driving system side by side.

The aim of the company is vast and widespread as the engineering team will be going to focus on developing a range of high end efficient internal combustion engines. The second range developing by the company is the natural gas system ways. This will be aimed to go all the way from hybrid cars to electric vehicles. The company said that presently the internal combustion engines have huge potential to perform well. Volkswagen has introduced the technology TDI and TSI which helped the company to increase the fuel efficiency up to 30%. The company is looking forward till the year 2020 to further increase the efficiency of the cars up to 15%. The features which can add up more in the fuel efficiency of the vehicles are Intelligent light weight design, enhanced combustion process, Innovative operable techniques, thermal management and optimization of friction levels.
As per Volkswagen the natural gas system also comprises loads of potential. This technology is economic, best for daily usage and it is environment friendly too. This technology is fully developed and we can see the products running on this technology are already present in the market. Volkswagen Eco Up!- Is the best example of the natural gas system. The car makes less pollution, the CO2 emission is just 79g on a kilo meter. It is also known as the world’s most economical natural gas car. Company is also game to launch this system in more cars. Two of them are Golf TGI Blue Motion and the second one is Audi A3 g- torn.

The company official said that everyone on the planet earth has to put in efforts for making the system rolling. The official also said that we should get more aware about the benefits of the natural gas engines. Politicians, auto majors and the fuel Industry should jointly make an effort to promote the benefits of natural gas engines. Volkswagen will be going to make all the vehicles electrifying in the future. This means that all the upcoming vehicles from the company in the near future will be going electrically powered.