Volkswagen Might Bring CNG As An Alternative Fuel Option In Cars

Before the automotive industry goes fully electric, Volkswagen wants to opt for greener fuel that is CNG. Read more about their plans.

With the rise in fuel prices and the upcoming BS6 emission norms, the most favoured diesel engine might see its end for some manufacturers. Maruti has already declared the ditching of diesel engine and continuing with just petrol in its portfolio. That said, they will introduce CNG to their small cars and Volkswagen also has similar plans if reports are to be believed.

It is sure that Volkswagen India may ditch diesel engines from its portfolio due to the high cost of upgradation. That said, to bring an alternative fuel option which will be fuel-efficient and will be low maintenance, Volkswagen might introduce CNG to their cars.

Volkswagen CNG Cars image

At the launch of new Polo and Vento, Steffen Knapp, director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said“We are the biggest player globally in CNG. Depending on the infrastructure, we can do this very fast (in India).

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Furthermore, if the government decides for the adoption of CNG vehicles by setting up more CNG fuel stations across the county, buys a larger number of CNG vehicles for its fleet and increase the CNG supply in the country, it will make a more favourable business case for Volkswagen to invest in the CNG vehicles in India.

He also mentioned that in order to succeed in any segment in India, high localisation level is mandatory, and it will not be feasible for the company to invest in any new technology in the country until the government has strong policies to support the trend.

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Currently, most of the models of Volkswagen India is sold in petrol units and post-March 2020, only the imports will be sold in diesel. The locally manufactured will see the face of petrol. Before the electric revolution takes places, Volkswagen wants to use the CNG as the better fuel option.