The manufacturers will roll out the new brand design at the IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show in September.

Along with the launch of new VW ID 3 electric hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen also plans to showcase their new logo. The German manufacturer says that after the much success of the Beetle and the Golf, the ID.3 will usher into the new era for the manufacturer.

Volkswagen is trying to focus on new brand design and with bringing in more technologies and with the new logo, they want to establish a 360-degree customer experience throughout the world and across all channels.

The symbol and trademark will be the new logo. This will be more modern, clearer and simpler. The logo will be reduced to its essential elements and presented with a new design that is flat and two-dimensional. It will allow more flexible use and will be outstandingly recognizable in digital media.

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This also applies to the new brand signals such as pictograms, typography, colours or layouts. For the first time, the brand will have a sound logo, which will replace the former brand claim. In addition, the Volkswagen brand will have a female voice in the future.

Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales said, “Volkswagen has taken and implemented bold decisions in almost all areas of its activities. The comprehensive rebranding is the logical consequence of our brand’s strategic reorientation,”.

Furthermore, “I am very proud of what we have achieved: ‘New Volkswagen‘ has a presentation that is powerful, fresh, positive and attractive.” With the new brand design, “New Volkswagen” will become visible and perceptible in the design of the vehicles, in customer contacts and in the corporate presentation as a whole. The objective is to create a new 360° customer experience that is modern and fascinating throughout the world and across all channels.

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Volkswagen’s Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff, who played a key role in the development of the new CI, said: “The new brand design reflects a type of mobility that forms a natural part of people’s lives. Volkswagen has always been a key element in these efforts. In the new age of mobility, the motto is ‘digital first’, without any filters.”

The redesigned logo will be shown in public at the Frankfurt motor show, and will simultaneously be installed at the firm’s headquarters in Wolfsburg.