Home Car News Volkswagen working on Polo based SUV, likely to be named T-Sport

Volkswagen working on Polo based SUV, likely to be named T-Sport

The Volkswagen T-Sport will feature some significant cosmetic changes over the standard Polo to give the stance and look of an SUV.

Volkswagen is developing a new SUV which will be based on the new Polo that is on sale in the international markets in 2020. The Volkswagen T-Sport has only been confirmed for the South-American market as of yet. The new Polo-based SUV will sit below the T-Cross in the company’s line-up and will be based on the MQB-AO platform.

Volkswagen T-Cross
Volkswagen T-Cross used for representation purpose only

Not much is known about the new SUV yet, but Volkswagen is likely to name the new SUV as the ‘T-Sport’ based on a patent filed by the company in Brazil. As per reports, Volkwagen is going to give the same treatment to the new SUV as Honda did with the WR-V – make some significant changes to the standard hatchback to give it the stance and look of an SUV and give it a unique name of its own.

There has been no word on the mechanical details on engine options with the Volkswagen T-Sport but it will most likely share its engines and gearboxes with the standard polo sold in the South American Market

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Here in India, Volkswagen did offer a cross-hatchback version of the Polo for a few years after which it was discontinued becuase it did not manage to do very well in the Indian market. However, the T-Sport SUV features some major design changes unlike the Polo-Cross which only came with some body-claddings and a mild raise in the ground clearance.

Volkswagen has big plan for India in the coming years. They plan to introduce four new cars from Volkswagen and their sister brand, Skoda under the India 2.0 strategy which is being spearheaded by Skoda. Set to kick-off in 2020 with Skoda bringing the new India Spec Kamiq SUV followed by Volkswagen bringing the much anticipated T-Cross SUV which will then be followed by the replacement of ageing Vento sedan sometime in the year 2021.

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On another note, the T-Cross will be offered with a 1.0L and a 1.5L, TSI petrol engine in India but there will be no diesel this time around. A factory-fitted CNG option is also expected to be on offer. When it goes on sale, it will rival the likes of the Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta and the upcoming Kia SP2 SUV.