Volvo India To Launch More Cars In India

Volvo has decided to increase its presence in India by bringing more cars to India. Currently Volvo sells only four car models in India with less than 3% share in the car sales in India. These cars include the recently launched Volvo S60 Sedan which is loaded with innovative safety features like automatic brakes to avoid pedestrian crashing in busy city roads.



Volvo has recently reported a 200% growth in the India in last one year which has motivated it to launch more cars in Indian automobile market. The cars will be brought to India via CBU or CKD and Volvo will not start producing cars in India until a substantial sales figure is reached. At present the cars sold by Volvo in India are Volvo S80 Sedan, Volvo S60 Sedan, Volvo SC60 Crossover and Volvo SC90. With more cars from Volvo coming to India in various other segments, the sales are expected to increase even further.

Volvo cars are among the safest cars in the world and are built with many innovative feature focussed around safety and performance at the same time. Having more cars from Volvo will give car buyers more choice in the premium car segment and will also intensify the competition in the luxury car segment which is already getting more fierce with time.

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