New Wagon R & Zen Estilo With Factory Fitted CNG Kit Coming Soon

Maruti Suzuki’s R&D is working hard to save the environment & running cost of its small cars, the new Maruti Wagon R & the Maruti Zen Estilo. These small cars comes with the new advanced BS4 compatible K-Series engine and are already low on emissions and good on fuel mileage. To further leverage the cost of running and greener moves, Maruti will soon be launching Maruti Wagon R and Maruti Zen Estilo with CNG kits fitted right at the assembly line.

Wagon R 2010 Pictures

The benefits of factory fitted CNG kits are manifolds, some of these benefits include :

  • High safety standards followed during assembly
  • Superior quality kits fitted
  • Fully compatible with the Engine
  • Integrated wiring and switching system
  • Neat and safe fitting on the surfaces
  • CNG Kit & Engine are covered under warranty
  • No risk of damage to engine
  • Well tuned engine to work with the CNG system
  • Compliance with safety and emission norms
  • Adjusted shock absorbers to take additional load of the CNG Cylinder
  • Better mounting of the kit components which add safety for electrical systems and does not obstruct the required air-flow in the engine compartment

However, there will be some disadvantages as well :

  • Increased cost of the car
  • Lesser boot space
  • More weight added, which reduces the acceleration slightly
  • Slight power loss when running on CNG
  • Suspension behavior changes
  • More insurance costs owing to the added cost of the CNG kit

If you consider the savings in the running cost of the car with CNG, the cost it worth it if you run your car frequently within the city. If you drive less than 30 KM a day, it may be too long time to recover the additional cost of CNG vehicle over the petrol variant. Also if you carry too much stuff in boot, its better you consider some other option, as CNG cylinder takes up a considerable space in your car’s boot space.

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