MG ZS EV Buyer SUFFERS From Huge Dealer Scam

This is a detailed video highlighting the dealership scam after purchasing an MG ZS EV. The video has been uploaded on the channel named Question Mark. The owner of this channel is the harassed Tata Safari owner who had been showing us the dealership fraud in Ludhiana. He has decided to open a channel that is dedicated to voicing the grievances of car owners. He is of the opinion that customers need to raise voices against any scam that they encounter so that the concerned authorities could be intimated and they could take the necessary action to address these complaints. In one such instance, this MG ZS EV owner explains the issues he faced after buying a second ZS EV.

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Dealership Scam MG ZS EV

The owner of MG ZS EV had already purchased the SUV earlier and was so happy with the vehicle that he decided to buy a new one. MG had updated the ZS EV in 2021 itself. So, he decided to buy that. However, immediately after driving the SUV out of the dealership, he encountered a noise while driving. He called the dealership officials who told him to drive for some time and the noise might disappear. However, the noise didn’t go away. He called the service centre again to get the noise checked and they offered an appointment. However, they couldn’t diagnose the issue. In the meanwhile, the ZS EV owner decided to test drive the demo car. Interestingly, there was no such noise in that vehicle. The workshop officials couldn’t figure out what the problem was and shot a video to send to MG. The owner also made a video and mailed it to MG.

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Dealership Scam MG ZS

MG assigned the same dealership in Mohali to fix the vehicle. The ZS owner asked for a substitute car for that time while his own car gets fixed. The dealership offered him a courtesy car. However, when the ZS owner suddenly decided to visit the workshop he was shocked to find out that the motor and other components from his car were being swapped with the components of an older car. He told the dealership that he doesn’t want this car anymore. Then he also mentions that before he had seen the car at the time of buying, the dealership billed him the car, even though there was no physical car at the showroom. It is possible that the dealership got a defective car from somewhere and sold it to this customer. That could be the reason why there were problems from the get-go. Hence, we urge you to be aware of such dealership scams and watch this video before buying the MG ZS EV.

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