Woman Drives Audi With Open Boot and 3 Tyres on A Highway

A bizarre incident was recorded on the tape that took place in California, USA and is doing rounds on the internet.

In a viral video, a woman was captured on camera while she was driving her Audi on a highway with the boot open and 3 tyres. This incident has been reported from 405 Freeway in Irvine, California in the USA. Weird incidents on highways are not uncommon. But this one is particularly worrisome since the woman who is driving the car seems totally unaware that her car just has 3 tyres. This clearly indicates that she is not in the right frame of mind or in her senses. Let us check out the details here.

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Woman Drives Audi With 3 Tyres and Open Boot

This post has been shared by ocinstanews on Instagram. In the video clip, sparks are seen flying out of the vehicle as it runs on the wheel hub and disc. Also, the trunk of the car is completely popped. Someone driving alongside her on the Freeway records the entire episode and signals her to stop. However, she seems completely relaxed and has no clue what’s going on. Now, it is a bit strange to think that the driver wouldn’t know if one of the wheels has come off.

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What is even more shocking is the fact that as she tries to pull over on the side of the road, she ends up hitting the car in front. As she opens the door of the car to address the concerns raised by the guy who was recording the entire incident, she says, “I mean, I had somebody help me before, and apparently, the brake did not stop”. The sheer carefree attitude she had without realising the potential consequences of driving like that on the road is what bothered everyone.

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The viral post has been flooded with various comments from netizens as she was not arrested by the Police. That had something to do with her medical condition. Her Audi has, however, been impounded as a part of the investigation process. It is surprising to see how someone like her is allowed to drive on the road with a medical condition. This could easily have turned fatal not just for her, but for others around too. What do you have to say about this?

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Woman Drives Audi With Open Boot and 3 Tyres
Woman Drives Audi With Open Boot and 3 Tyres

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