Workers At Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant Turn Violent– Production Stopped


Its surely a tough time for Maruti Suzuki with the workers at the Manesar plant went on strike once again starting last weekend on 8th of October 2011. Maruti has just come out of a month long strike in the beginning of October after some intervention by Haryana Govt., hardly one week later the situation seems to have gone bad again. There has been even cases of violence by Maruti workers reported and the law and order situation is also not so good at the Manesar plant. The production is halted at the Manesar plant as of now.



Adding to the worries of Maruti Management, Suzuki Powertrain India Limited is also impacted by the strike and the engine and transmission supplies are hampered which is causing some loss of production at the Gurgaon plant as well. To add to it, the Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. Workers have also gone on strike to support their fellow workers at Manesar. This is causing a lot of trouble and financial losses to Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki companies in India.

These turn of events, along with the negative sentiments of world economy as as whole is hurting the stock prices of Maruti Suzuki badly. This is like a double damage for Maruti as the economy and workplace situations are both creating a lot of trouble for Maruti Suzuki in India. We hope this matter will resolves soon and the situation will come back to normal.

via – ET

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