Yamaha R15 2011 Model Price Cut Expected !


Yamaha is working on its new model of Yamaha R15 which will hit Indian roads soon. Although there is not official announcement of the launch date or details as yet, but its expected that there will be price drop. The new model which will come out in 2011 will features some cosmetic upgrades and may also have some engine tweaking or minor changes too. The Yamaha R15 has been quite popular with the biking enthusiasts and the new model is expected to boost the sales further. As an icing on the cake, some unofficial sources have revealed that there can be a cut of as much as Rs. 10,000 on the existing price. This change might be mainly because of more localization and also partly because of marketing team’s decision to make it a more competitive product compared to the other bikes in the same price segment.


The current price of Yamaha R15 is over Rs. 1 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi which might pose a competition from the higher segment bikes like Honda CBR250 which has been priced at Rs. 1.5 lakhs which will run on India roads soon.

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  1. surely r15 is a great 15o cc bike.but their delay to launch of 2011 variant may effect them as cbr 250r is avilable within 1.5 lakh.

  2. forget abt r15, yamaha is in Chaos since they heard abt honda cbr250. Yamaha is delaying the launch intentionally coz otherwise R15 will be an outdated product soon before cbr250 comes……. cbr250 is coming for Rs 1.45

  3. I m waiting this bike since Jan 2011, for new yamaha R15 i sold my old Hero Honda bike.. i have booked new yamaha R15 in excellent yamaha andheri.
    Now i m living as bikeless life travelling by train, bus
    Should i know when this proclaim babe is going to launch???? or its just a rumer, should i go for the old R15????

  4. I called up Yamaha Showroom here in Bengaluru, KA, IND. They said, there is no separate model for 2011. R15 Bike thats there in stock is 2011 Manufactured. He also said, do not check anyother website other than Yamaha motors india website. If there is new addition, first they will update in Yamaha website.

    About the price. Its a same, No news of 10K less.

    Even I am also waiting for almost 2 months now.

  5. waitin fo d launch of new variant R15 guyz….Damn cool bike…:D….foget bout cbr 250,it’ll no wer match d babes R15.

  6. i sold my mahindra tractor which was close to my heart just to buy this byke
    if this byke is not launched my life will be ruined

  7. hey the new model of Yamaha r15 is probably gonna launch by the end of dis month (August 2011)…and the new modifications will be a fatter tyre and all new graphics with all new colors….NO SPLIT SEAT OR ANYTHING ELSE…..i had booked r15 impact yellow on 11th july…but da bike was not available yet….today i got the call from that yamaha dealer and he told me about the new model….all the existing colours have been stopped….because of the launch of the new model probably by the and of this month(August 2011)……and the price is gonna increase by 2k or 3k………………….

  8. god damn…yamaha crue…r u checking our patience ?????…am waiting 4 6monthz 2 knw abt a launch date..??? atleast just confirm tat sep 6 is correct 1…cant wait anymre guyz…

  9. Yes…………really the new R15 bike is lesser than the older model…..and in showroom they said around 80,000……So the new r15 is gr8 and looking much greater then the older model…..and its look like a real sports bike…


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