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Maruti Launched 5 CNG Cars – Price of Alto CNG, Estilo CNG, Wagon R CNG, EECO CNG And SX4 CNG

Maruti Suzuki has today unveiled its range of 5 CNG cars which are launched in Delhi NCD, Mumbai and Gujarat. The five cars which have been introduced in CNG variants with Maruti’s latest i-GPI fuel injection technology include – Maruti Alto, Maruti SX4, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti EECO, and Maruti Zen Estilo.


The newly developed i-GPI or “intelligent-Gas Port Injection” is claimed to be safe, reliable, clean, responsive and environment friendly by Maruti Chairman R C Bhargava.

The i-GPI or Intelligent Gas Port Injection technology delivers more power compared to any aftermarket retro-fitted CNG vehicles and offer an experience similar to that of a petrol-fuelled engine, while achieving high fuel efficiency at the same time. The factory fitted CNG vehicles passed through all the quality checks, processes and systems similar to a regular car manufactured at Maruti Suzuki plants.


The i-GPI technology uses separate injectors for each cylinder. Based on inputs from the ECU, metered CNG quantity is injected to the engine through gas ports. The quantity of CNG required for different driving conditions is controlled by the dedicated ECU, leading to more efficient fuel usage.


Benefits Of Maruti Factory Fitted CNG Vehicles

  • Contemporary i-GPI technology
  • Vehicle body design for CNG system
  • Performance and Drivability at par with gasoline powered engine
  • Safety reinforced: High Quality Components,Integrated wiring harness, CNG system leak-proofing, toughened suspension
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Dual ECU system for enhanced performance
  • Lower running costs by 60 percent
  • Extensive performance testing
  • Peace of Mind: Full warranty coverage, Service support across the country
  • No compromise on engine life


Price Of Maruti CNG Cars

Price of all the CNG cars is approximately Rs. 50000 to Rs. 55000 more compared to the corresponding petrol only variants of these cars.

  • Maruti Alto Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 3.23 Lakhs compared to Alto Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 2.78 Lakhs
  • Maruti Estilo Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 4.05 Lakhs compared to Estilo Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 3.55 Lakhs
  • Maruti Wagon R Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 3.64 Lakhs compared to Wagon R Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 3.61 Lakhs
  • Maruti EECO 5 Seater AC CNG will cost Rs. 3.64 Lakhs compared to EECO 5 Seater AC Petrol price of Rs. 3.09 Lakhs
  • Maruti SX4 Vxi CNG will cost Rs. 7.47 Lakhs compared to SX4 Vxi Petrol price of Rs. 6.92 Lakhs

source – CarWale

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  1. A nice strategy indeed to regain market share!

  2. what is the capicity of cng tank…???

  3. CNG tank capacity is 10kg/60 liter.

  4. I really happy to know that Maruti has come out with new variants in SX4 which includes diesel and CNG. I have a desire to buy one of the SX4 CNG model cars. But my ethuasim die down when came to know that same is not available in Kolkata. I am a loyal customer of Maruti. I have amaruti car. I want to buy a maruti car only in the upper segment. Can I make a request to the management of the company to take care of requirement of Kolkata and make SX4 CNG model cars available at the earliest.

  5. can cng engine be fitted that to existing petrol car

  6. i ant to know the cost of CNG fitted MAruti Wagon R

  7. Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is dharmender and i about to buy a car, so i am looking for the net access. But unable to find correct information. Here is request to a that pls advise me for Wagon Rlxi with cng.


  8. Hi @Dharmender
    check out full details and price at the official page here – http://www.marutiwagonr.com/

  9. i am interested in buying a 5 seater eeco cng and petrol in banglaore but was depressed to know its not available here can any one tell when it will be introduced in bangalore

  10. My name is sanjay gupta and i want to buy a car, so i am looking for the net access. But unable to find correct information. Here is request ,pls advise me for Wagon Rlxi with cng or any other brand i.e i10 hyundai.


  11. Hi, I own a Alto Lxi ‘aug 2010 model ,i drive around 100 km daily, due petrol price going up ,i wish to switch to CNG or LPG , pl.guide me, Thanks

  12. @Rajkumar
    You can go for a good quality govt. certified CNG kit from an authorized dealer. I would recommend to get one from Maruti workshop if they are fitting it.

  13. Hello, we already have a Maruti Eeco cng version. There is no availability of cng in many cities. After buying you have to run for the cng. Check it out in petrol pumps. There are 2 types of gas (LPG & CNG) all petrol pumps do not have CNG. It is very disturbing. No cng in Hyderabad. Be careful before buying.

  14. When Maruti CNG cars will be available in West Bengal?

  15. Can anyone tell me the performance of Maruti Estilo CNG???

  16. Is there any car in India which runs on both Petrol and CNG?

  17. is dere any car which runs on both cng and diesel?

  18. I have recently purchased a new WagonR CNG factory fitted car. Can some one tell me the total capacity of factory fitted CNG tank as in my tank more than 5Kgs is not accepted. Is there a fault in the tank or since my car is new it will not accept more than 5 Kgs? Kindly enlighten me.

  19. not as of now.

  20. my average driving is 6 to 8 kms /day only. which feul car i should buy? which premium small segment car is better with all comforts? occasionally once in 3 months long and hilly drives.my budget for new car is 5 lacs .

  21. do u guys think that CNG is a harmless gas to us and the environment…?????

    pls do reply to my comment and I will tell u a very shocking yet true fact about CNG powered cars and all these cars..

    Email: harrisfeddy@gmail.com

  22. I require New Maruti Car (Wagan R) with CNG in Tourist Permit .
    Can You Suggest me ?

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