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Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011 Vs Existing Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki is always working hard to maintain its long time number one car maker position in India. In this effort, Maruti keeps coming up with new cars across all segments in a couple of years from the previous release. This time, the new car will be the new Avatar of already popular car Maruti Suzuki Swift. The Swift will get even better in terms of dimensions, interiors and exteriors. The signature style and shape will remain fundamentally similar, but the new Swift is longer, wider and slightly lesser in height for more ride stability.


image courtesy – Autocar India

Comparison Between Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011 & Existing Maruti Suzuki Swift

New Maruti Swift Engine & Transmission Vs Existing Swift Engine & Transmission

The new Suzuki Swift comes with the K12 Suzuki K series engine which is a 1200cc K series engine which is  same as in the existing generation of Maruti Swift. The transmission may or may not be changed as well the existing cable shift transmission and gear ratios are working out well in the existing generation.

New Maruti Swift Exteriors Vs Existing Swift Exteriors

The new Swift 2011 is taller than the existing Swift by about 155mm. This is a good increase to new length of 3850 mm (compared to existing length of 3696mm) which still helps to keep the New Swift in small car category in terms of tax rules by keeping is less than 4 meter in length. This increase in length will add to more space inside swift and make it more appealing car to buy.

The width has also been increased from 1690mm to 1695mm which is not a considerable change. The height of the new Swift is 1510mm compared to 1530 mm of the existing swift which is slightly lesser in height. The wheelbase has been increased to 2430 mm compared to 2390 mm which will add to a better handling & performance.

The new tail light design extending to the sides and a much more attractive rear makes the visual appeal of the New swift much better. The clear crystal lamps at both front and rear makes it a beautiful looking car.


New Maruti Swift Interiors Vs Existing Swift Interiors

The interiors of the new style steering with improved central console, Integrated audio system, better interior space owing to the increased length of the car. The car will have better leg space for rear passengers. The quality of the plastic is also expected to become better to compete with rival cars of the same segment. The new seat fabric and door trims will give New Swift a new and more classy look compared to the existing swift.


The front console will have an auxiliary and a USB port built in for audio side by side with the charging slot.

All in all, the new Swift looks an even better package and will pose more competition to the cars like Hyundai i20 & other compact hatchbacks like Chevrolet Aveo UVA, Nissan Micra and Volkswagen Polo.

Official Video Of New Suzuki Swift 2011

Price Of New Maruti Swift Vs Existing Swift

The price of the New Maruti Swift has not been declared in India. The launch is expected near January 2011. The price of the new Maruti Suzuki Swift is expected to be slightly higher than the the existing swift. The prices may start near  Rs. 5 Lakhs and onwards.

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  1. I want to buy a car and have Chevrolet Uva and Nissan Micra in mind. which one I should go for?

  2. Micra for sure, I am also planning to book one after so many reviews, and it has to be micra top end….

  3. an exciting package is going to enter the india very soon

  4. i would like to buy new swift. when can i expect in india

  5. We expect the launch to be around Dec 2010 or early 2011.

  6. The video seems pretty impresive. Are you sure that the new swift will be available in Jan 11?

  7. by when can we expect in indian market?

  8. @Vikram
    I expect the New Swift Model In India By 2011 beginning.

  9. hi mr rohit

    i really do hope the new swift launches in jan. but that is in places like

    Pune and Delhi right? im residing in Hyderabad, india when can i expect the


  10. waithing to know when new swift is coming to goa i wont to book……..

  11. The new swift looks good.

    But Maruti (Suzuki) has bad habit of shifting the number plate from bummers to back. Though it had made few models looks much better like the just phaased out Wagon R but not the Swift and even Alto K10. The swift is one of 2-3 good looking from Maruti (other being 800, Alto , Zen-Original ), they should retain the back of car same as old.

    The leg space in rear was less in swift which has been increased in new. They should also change the interior and make them better.

    But if they are planning to increase the price ( From existing Rs 4.04 Lacs Ex-showroom, Delhi for LXi) to Rs 5.0 lacs, it may affect the sales. Already , maruti is making a lot of profit from Swift by chnaging the engine from 1.3 Lt to 1.2Lt and not passing the Excise benefit to consumers.

  12. I am very much interested in the new swift. I may kindly be informed when should I be able to book the new car. I stay in New Mumbai, Maharashtra.I am interested in VXI model. At the same time I am vey much apprehensive about the price of the car, please let me know at the earliest.

  13. I m sure this car cant beat ritz in perfomance..!!
    Ritz interiors and exteriors are too impresive then old and new swift
    i knw tht swift is a good car ….but the main problem is u dont get the beauty and good mileage with this car..

  14. i would like to buy new swift. when can i expect in india

  15. waiting for the new swift vdi ….. but if it costs more dan 7 lakhs on road …. i need not wait ,,,, so i need the prices ….

  16. wat would b d price of the new swift petrol?wat wil b the date of launch?n in how many days aftr d launch can i book and get it?

  17. when can i book the new swift vdi abs. wats the price

  18. the steering wheel of new swift is on left side or right side and what would be price range for vdi abs?

  19. I plan to buy new swift Diesel vdi. When should i book my new swift 2011 and what is its price? I am from Ludhiana (Punjab)

  20. Hiiii

  21. i want to buy new swift, can anybody tell me ABS sysytem is there in new swift and waht is the price of new swift vdi ABS…??? when it launces in punjab…???

  22. when can i book the new swift vdi abs. wats the price

  23. Swift 2011 will be released in jan ending or feb starting of 2011 and the delivery also starts immediately by that time (According to a source from MUL). But as usual, we will not be getting all the features that are present in the european model. Most of them will be present in ZXi but since we don’t have Zdi, we will be missing all those features and apart from that, the price is gonna be 90k to 1L more approx. So, take my prediction for granted guys this third gen swift is gonna be an utter flop model. Who is gonna pay 7+ lacs (Vdi) for a hatch back car with no features at all? Anybody with brain and some reasoning in it will never buy this 🙂

    Already the existing swift is too overpriced and now with the new model, Maruti is touching heights. But this must happen to Maruti Suzuki. It brings down all their over confidence.

  24. kindly guide about launch of new swift

  25. Is there will be any soon update in swift dzire too…..

  26. wat would b d price of the new swift diesel?wat wil b the date of launch?n in how many days aftr d launch can i book and get it?

  27. i want to buy the all new swift 2011 what is the price of new swift how many days are left to be launch it

  28. good but when it will be launched

  29. I am very much interested in the new swift. I may kindly be informed when should I be able to book the new car. I stay at bangalore…..pls pls infor mew hen we wil be getting new version of swift.

  30. I am very much interested in the new swift. I may kindly be informed when should I be able to book the new car. I stay at Bangalore. pls inform me when the bookings are open…..

  31. expected price in hyd

  32. I’m loving the interiors of the car n it gives u rich feel…!!!!

  33. i need knowing the price of new swift diesel

  34. Is the New swift 2011 will be made available from CSD? Is it possible to book the car through CSD cateen?

  35. hi there,
    can anybody let me know @ the performace between old & new swift diesel, Is new swift is better than old one?……….i think old swift diesel is rocket, its handling & acceleration is beeter than other hatch backs & sedans….to say better than honda city on highway….just curios to know @ new swift performance compare to old (diesel).

  36. Swift 2011 VDI should be priced looking at the Figo EXI model and also same features should be given. else it would be difficult for swift 2011 to stay in market for long. As studies and surveys have shown that swift maintenance cost is more expensive than figo.

  37. I Am Much Interested In The New Maruti Swift Diesel Version.May I Know When Will The Disel Version Will Be Realeased IN India.
    I Stay At Bangalore.As Well As Let Me Know Wat Will Be The Price Of The Car.
    I Am looking For The The Top End Version In Disel VErsion Swift 2011.

  38. i all ready booked Swift VDI around 6.40 lacs after seeing new one it looking good, but price may 7 or more so please anounce price of new one so that i can plan for new or old

  39. I would like to buy new swift. I’m much interested. When can i expect in India? I’m staying in Cochin(Kerala). What will be the price for the base model.

  40. am very much interested in the new swift. I may kindly be informed when should I be able to book the new car. I stay at Baroda in Gujarat. pls inform me when the bookings are open…..

  41. new swift looks awesome…..is there in changes will comes in swift dzire too…..

  42. I want to buy Maruti Swift top model sooner. But as I saw the news, should I wait for new model in march 2011 or can go for existing swift top model?

  43. Maruti has started making the components of New swift. They may be lauchinging the Petrol version with VVT.
    But the exact date is still not known.

  44. Swift VDi looks good but pricing is the main factor as it may loose market to Ford Figo. Already figo is capturing swift market.

  45. toyota etios and maruti swift which to choose?

  46. i have already booked new swift?tell me abt its some unordinary features that makes this car better as compare to other maruti cars

  47. I want to buy New Swift 2011………..

  48. I really want to buy this car.I am planning to buy it as soon as it is launched in India!!

  49. pls tel me the new swift 2011 price list……

  50. i have already booked new swift?tell me abt its some unordinary features that makes this car better as compare to old maruti swift
    n which date in january lounch new edition of swift plese reply…

  51. i like new swift

  52. DEAR SIR,








  53. If swift 2011 car price will go up , then sale of swift go done because their are more reputed car that comes in same range. like polo, lenia etc..

  54. i am very interested in new swift .but iam not buy new model .bcoz new swit diesel car is bad performance.then old deisel swift is vdi good

  55. new swift is amazing in luking wise & i think so feture would be also gud
    nd i m waiting to book this car

  56. new swift 2011 lauched this very well .. i will says father plzz new swift purchase.. this is amazing.. very good look old model comparrison some changes

  57. when is new swift 2011 will be launching in indore MP.
    i have heeard that basic model will be starting from 5 laks….
    please let me know as soon as possible coz i will masturbate in that car

  58. when will it comes.i am wating for it

  59. quality must match the price
    we have more models now in the price bracket of rs.5 lacs
    we have to wait and see

  60. actually swift is not good car for indian road it is liak a old version i m not intresated to buy it at present or future

  61. BAD NEWS: officially announce from maruti swift 2011 will lauch in End 2011.

  62. pls give me details when it will arrive in market of nagpur

  63. It is good they will change the interiors and back of car.
    But under no circumstances they should increase the price, in this age of compititrions they will loose the market if it will increase the price

  64. It is good they will change the interiors and back of car.
    But they should not increase the price, or they will loose the market if it will increase the price.
    It is trusted model for 5 years and maruti should cash on the numbers rather price

  65. new swift looks awesome…..is there in changes will comes in swift dzire too

  66. can u plz tel me wen the swift 2011 wil be launched…!!! n the price change…!!! n wen i called the customer care of maruti.., they sais dat der’s no new abt de launch of it…!!! plz help me out..!!! eagerly waitin for ur reply..!!

  67. @vincent joseph
    its planned for Dec 2011, so about one year from now. Price rise is expected, but how much ? I can’t tell as of now.

  68. can anybody tellme should wait for new swift or purchase other car

  69. thanx a lot rohit..!!! an approx price..?? wil it go up to 1 lakh..?? n i saw in recent news dat it wil be launched in 2011 march-april..!!!

  70. @vincent joseph
    I expect a max increase of up to 60K , yes, the launch maybe preponed considering the customer excitement for the new model, but its too soon to say until something official comes out.

  71. i want to buy new maruti swift when should i will get in showroom

  72. Vincent Joseph

    I don’t think Maruti is NOW in position to hike the price.
    There r many cars avaiable in Rs 4.25 Lacs price range at which Swift cost now.
    If they increase the price by 1 Lacs or even 60K, it will become the costliest hatch and people would like to go for i20/Punto/Polo.

  73. @devansh
    Earlier there was a news about December 2010 launch, but it might bet pre-poned to March or April 2011, not very confirmed as yet.

  74. thanx rohit..!! n i hope de price doesn increase more dan 60k..!!

  75. Mandar Sakharkar

    I am on the process to buy Wagon R, waiting for new price in 2011.

  76. i wanna go for swift can any one sujst me

  77. hi want to buy swift in jan 2011, should i wait 4 new model. when is new model arriving

  78. @mohit
    It may arrive anywhere between July to December 2011, date not announced yet. Depends on you whether you want to wait or not.

  79. Its really frustrating, first in the premium hatchback section making a choice is extremely difficult. Next we have this new swift coming in 2011. Nobody knows when in 2011. So that’s making my choice more difficult. The problem is it’s coming soon or not. Maruti should have done this transition like Hyundai did with i10, quick without any noise. Now I think no point is waiting, I have to remove Maruti Swift from my list and focus on the remaining cars (Polo, i20 or Jazz).

  80. Old swift look Ugly.
    it is good they will change the interiors, Sides and back of the swift,
    But they should not increase the price, or they will loose the market if it will increase the price. Spicily swift diesel. which is rock Engine.
    it will become the costliest hatch and people would like to go for i20/Punto/Polo.

  81. Maruti Dealers in Chandigarh, have started the booking of the new swift 2011. I have already booked the VDI ABS variant, I suggest you guys must check with the dealers in your respective cities.

  82. Hi Siddhart,

    Thanks for the information but there is still no official announcement. Can the dealer start booking the new Swift before the announcement because as per my communication with one of the dealer in Bangalore still they dont have any commnunication from Maruti.

  83. Maruti Dealers in Hyderabad (Varun motars – Madinaguda), have started the booking of new swift 2011. I booked my VXi 15 days back.

  84. At what prices you buy new swift 2011 nagaraju and siddharth pl’z reply soon

  85. @Amitesh
    It maybe launched in mid of 2011, but deliveries will start by the end of the year only and the cost is expected to go up by about Rs. 30,000 over the existing prices.

  86. I am eagerly waiting to get the actual view of the vehicle. I have already booked swift diesel in october, but now I am waiting for the face lift. Please confirm the exact date of launch so that I can plan acodingly.

  87. when wil be coming new swift 2011?

  88. @Paras
    December 2011

  89. Mr praveesh Swift new model is not only going to overtake Ritz in its style and efficiency but also other sub- competitor models like hyundai i-20 and others

  90. I would like to know whether Bright red is Metalic or not for the upcomming new Swift model 2011

  91. No doubt, there is no match of Swift, but i would like to add that the Hyundai vehicle are more sturdy than the maruti suzuki. I think they are not doing actual road test as per the Indian road conditions. As the vehicle is not only to be driven in the creamy roads of the Delhi but the bumpy roads of the outer Delhi. The vehicle become noisy after 25000 kms. running. I pray that the make the vehicle sturdy as per its sporty look.

  92. when will be comming new swift vdi ?

  93. right now swift vdi iam using.new swift i like interior ……………………………………..my loving car

  94. Rohit are you sure that delivery will start by december 2011 end…??
    i have booked my swift diesel long time back n by next month delivery is expected but as i came to know that by April end it will hit the market so i m bit confused whether to wait or not???
    Please help me 🙂

  95. Prem can you please tell me which place are you mentionaning is it in INDIA or in Europe

  96. maruthi new swift vdi when will be launching kerala( trivandrum)

  97. Today I went to Maruthi show room in Hyderabad, they were saying that 2011 New swift was launched in Hyderabad but when i asked about the difference of new and old they said there is no difference except the manufacturing date would be 2011 rest all are same and an increase in 2000Rs

    Can anyone tell me whether New swift was launched in HYDERaBAD or not I booked New swift in the month of Decem 1st week and they are delivering on 9th February. Do you want to take it please tell me Iam not able to understand who is right?.and how can I check whether the dealer is giving New swift why because as per prems comment there is a chnage in interiors can anyone please respond ASAP

  98. @Prashant
    Dealer is mentioning the year of manufacture, not the new variant. The new variant will be launched in India between mid and end of year 2011. It will be larger and different in terms of interiors as well as exteriors.

  99. Thanks Rohit and All.
    I went to India for 10 days last December and knew that Swift quite popular there, In Thailand we just started familiar with Swift about 1 year ago. Now there is a lot of the old Swift in BKK cause of look nice and cheaper compare with MINI. For new Swift model it’s minimal change design from old one, do you agree.
    I envy all of you that waiting the new model very soon, in Thailand I think maybe Year 2012-13 for new model. How about a beautiful Ford Fiesta there, for 6 months selling in Thailand, it’s quite good.
    I will keep update the new Swift from you blog.

  100. Thanks Rohit for the valuable information. Actually I was expecting anew swift model in the month of february. I thought that Iam getting new swift. So I have waited for three months, as per your comments I have to wait for three more months. So Iam going with the Old model but 2011 manufacturing date.

    Thanks a lot

  101. @Rohit any suggestions please feel free to leave a message.


  102. pl,advice me through my above mail add.that when the new maruti swift is comming in India,because i am planing to purchage that one from long time,but im am still awaiting.pl,also advise me what will be better to purchage old swift 2011 or new model swift 2011.


  103. Hi Rohit, i booked vdi in Nov’10 and 2011 mfr vdi is expecteday any time. Will you advise me to wait for the new variant? i am paying Rs. 5.85 Lakh now. Or will u advise me to go for another brand? i like some thing similair in price and quality to vdi.is vdi really the value for money? I am apprenhensive.

  104. @Anil

    You can go for a Vdi right now, its a good car, slightly sluggish at lower RPM, but runs well.

  105. Hi Rohit,
    thanks for a quick response; however do give me an idea of the best equivalent buy too, despite the fact that maruti’s after sales/spares are cheaper.
    thanks in advance.

  106. @Anil
    For diesel hatch, you can consider Figo Diesel, Punto Diesel or i20 Diesel. These cars may cost more or less, but still the best among these still is Maruti Swift Diesel. So my vote is for Swift.

  107. new swift launch date in india ??????

  108. new Swift launch in 26 Feb


  109. when will new swift launch in karnataka ?

  110. feb 26th…???:):) r u sure…??

  111. i wish the swift 2011 will be launched on 26th feb…!!! bt are we sure about the launch date…??

  112. there’s alittle bit of confusion….actually.
    as per my sources between 20-26 feb Sx4 desiel variant is being launched…
    and new swidt 2011 model will be launched in may …..on the same day when this current model swift was launched…..
    bt then also i hope that new swift launches as soon as possible….bcz i have sold my petrol swift for the new one….

  113. thanx karan..!! same here im waitin frm nov 2010..:(

  114. Maruti is gng to launch new swift-11 by the end of this year.. as the following reasons are the hurdles for maruti in launching the new swift-11 in indian market:
    =>price hike is must as per interior is concerned..
    =>if so it effects initial market of new swift as swift dizire also fall in same rate(as per source’s: 60-100k price hike expected)
    =>old swift build strong market and new maruti swift-11 effects old swift boooking.
    =>another reason as said above it becomes costliest hatchback.
    =>now maruti has made eye on 2011 budjet if taxes are reduced it helps to maruti to reduce the price of existing swift so that it can easily fix the price of new swift in between the slab of swift dzire nd exiting swift..

    So for ur information to all folks here stop going behind rumours if u have patience to wait till dec-11 then u most welcum..otherwise go for existing swift..

  115. i expect the launch of this new shift very early.

  116. In what all the different colors new swift is coming?

  117. I want to buy new swift vdi 2011 but price should be conveniant.

  118. I read in some car blog that ordinary diesel (and not the low Sulphur premium diesel) should be used in Maruti Swift VDI. How ever this is contrary to the scientific belief that premium diesel is better for engine health and performance. Please comment.

    2. Can any one please inform about a good garage in Vashi who do the Teflon coating on body paint n how much does that cost?


  119. Hi Rohit,

    I read in some car blog that ordinary diesel (and not the low Sulphur premium diesel) should be used in Maruti Swift VDI. How ever this is contrary to the scientific belief that premium diesel is better for engine health and performance. Please comment.

    2. Can you please inform about a good garage in Vashi who do the Teflon coating on body paint n how much does that cost?

    3. i have yellow spots on the white car body as a result of the pundit applying some strong color during puja n they dont seem to go away! pls sugget some remedy.


  120. If the price is more about 40k to 80k. who is going to by this car. Maruti swift is already selling in its upper limit.

  121. hi Rohit,

    I want to purchase a new diesel car,hatchback segment, in the range of Rs.5.0 lac – 5.5 lac with good features.
    My monthly average run is above 1000 km.

    Although I have also compared some diesel car brands like Maruti Swift, Skoda Fabia, Ford Figo, Polo, Hyundai i20 yet could not conclude which would be best value for money in all aspects.
    Maruti has very good service network, easy spare parts availability, good resale value etc.
    On the other hand, initially Ford Figo is providing good features in lesser prices as compare to Maruti Swift, but I’m not aware about the Figo’s future…….!!!!!!!

    Please help in selecting a best diesel car in hatchback segment.

    Should I wait for Toyota Etios Liva-Diesel variant/Maruti Swift’s new -Diesel variant ?

    Best Regards


  122. @Sanjeet
    Wait for the new swift launch if you can wait 6 to 8 months, it will be best value for your money. If you can’t wait that long, get the existing Swift, its a better deal than most other cars in market.

  123. i would like to buy new swift. when can i expect in india

  124. i have already booked new swift?tell me abt its some unordinary features that makes this car better as compare to other maruti cars

  125. hi,Rohit,
    Thanks for reply.
    Among Toyota Etios Liva-Diesel and Maruti Swift’s New -Diesel, which would be better option to buy ?

    What are the expected prices of New Swift diesel & Toyota Etios Liva-Diesel

  126. @Sanjeet
    I am not sure whether Liva hatchback will be readily available with Diesel engine or not, with time there will be more clarity on it. As per my personal opinion, New Swift diesel is not only a safer bet, but also is an established performance car with good resale and after sales service which is an advantage over Liva.

  127. Hi,
    I have booked SWIFT Dezire VXI. But I have heard that new model of Dezire is going to be launched. Can you please suggest me If I should wait for the new Dezire or I should go ahead with the current one.


  128. Hi Rohit,

    I read in some car blog that ordinary diesel (and not the low Sulphur premium diesel) should be used in Maruti Swift VDI. How ever this is contrary to the scientific belief that premium diesel is better for engine health and performance. Please comment.

    2. Can you please inform about a good garage in Vashi who do the Teflon coating on body paint n how much does that cost? And is it really worth the money?

  129. I Think it is launch in June-July

  130. i want to buy and now want to book for new swift 2011 diesel
    can anyone tell me that when we can book new swift 2011 and what will price app.
    plz tell me
    thank you

  131. hey every one the new swift is going to be launched at diwali and there is no much diff between the new and the old one expect light and handle . ihave also booked the old one and going to get on 15 april.i gought this information from reseach and development of maruti
    so don’t wait for new for 8 moths the engine is also same

  132. and i bet if it is launched in may or june

  133. Maruti Products were good. Their recent products are useless, after 2 years only problems.. excpet engines everything else goes off … money making strategy..

  134. @amol,
    From some of my frineds in maruti – I got info that the all new swift will be launched by May 2011

  135. I am thinking of buying the new swift 2011. There is no fixed price or the launching date

  136. I am desperately waiting for a new swift to launch.. can anyone tell when exactly its launching.

  137. hiiiii, can any one tel me about new swift diesel specifications and launching date?? i’m having a big doubt dat in new swift der in diesel version or not….. else only petrol…. please clear my doubt.is the new swift available in diesel or not???

  138. hi i am buying a swift is booking in janawary 2011…….till upto car cannot come…which car i will buy…. new model swift or old model swift…plz ask me..when new model is launching…..

  139. @amol
    new swift will launched in may and will be available in july

  140. Dec 2010 gone, Jan , Feb, March thru and we in to April midway…No ads, no announcements, nothing from the company officially..BTW is Maruti gonna launch New Swift? I hope they are still busy recovering thru sales of Kizashi…so New swift still not a priority!!!

  141. Any news on final date

    AS M DOIN……….

  143. im sandeep patil from nerul navi mumbai i want buy a new swift which is going to i hv visited to the dealer bt they r ny saying the actual date when its gona launch in mumbai ….when ever the date is comfirm n booking is opening plzzzz let me no frst plzzzz im waiting since last 6months

  144. i have booked swift vxi model dropping my parents choice wagonR..if my decision is wrong then pls tell me..new swift will definitely start from 5.25lakh or more as it will be better in exterior in interior and as the price rises u get more luxury from makers in vehicles..new swift will be better or sure ..but wat about old vxi..is it better than wagonR..average no concern because wen u look for more power(cc) in engine average reduces gradually…wat are the other reasons to ignore swift vxi model?or it is nice car to have in ?

  145. it will be getting launched in July 2011

  146. When will be able to have a ride in our own swift – by july???

  147. Hi, I am residing in Bangalore and My budget is between 5- 5.5 lac to grab a all new Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI. But after reading all the comments above I am bit confused as to should I wait for a new Swift 2011 or should I go for the existing one. As I am bit worried about the erection in the price as well, which is adding to my concerns.

    Kindly suggest!!!

  148. @Ankur
    Better wait for new one, the price rise won’t be very steep.

  149. vincent joseph

    ya rohit.., bt wen is it gettin launched…????

  150. when new swift launch..???

  151. when new swift is going to launch ?

  152. hey the price is too high in new swift2011 it will be launching in june or july 2011 but if the price goes around 7.5-8 lakhs on road then less no of purchaser will bee seen this year in maruti sales.with all features it should be around 6.4-6.8 on road then it will beat nissan, ford , jazz etc …


  154. when will it come in indian market

  155. hi,
    Iam interested in buying the new model of maruti swift.just wanted to
    confirm when can i expect it in market..and what will be the price of
    its diesel version VDI.

    With regards
    Jai sharma

  156. I am much waiting for new swift..Even trying to make advance booking..but no confirm date of launching..


  158. is there a same kinda comparision for dzire too?? if there plz send me the link..

  159. @ajantha bhat
    here is the comparison between Old Swift Dzire and new Swift Dzire-

  160. Maruti Suzuki swift 2011 is a good car but lack of sporty look interior,There should be some illuminating leds installed in the steering for the cental control of any thing.

    Hope these ideas should be upgraded in the upcoming versions of Swift.

  161. By when i can expect the launching if the card. And the price difference between old and the new one

  162. When the new Swift Dezire is expected to be launched in Delhi

  163. Great feeling
    waiting to see

  164. @vinod

    Most probably December, not fixed as yet.

  165. plz tell me the lonching date of new model of swift and price of new swift

  166. plz tell me the lonching date of new model of swift and price of new swift

  167. lakshmi kanth rao

    i ned the price of new swift 2011 and i need when the bookings r opend in hyderabad am egarly waiting for its price let me know as soon as posabile

  168. When the new Swift Dezire is expected to be launched in Amritsar


  170. Guys.. don’t think egarly about swift 2011 diesel, coz from the last 13 days Strike is going on in Maruti manesar plant and this plant specially produce the swift diesel version so we have to wait till dec 2011.

  171. Hi i am owning maruti Swift VDI and im waiting for the new version of swift when it will be launched in goa plz reply

  172. can you tell me what will be approx price for new swift deisel

  173. approximately it will cost around Rs. 30,000 more than the existing swift.

  174. as per latest information, it will be launched in September or October 2011 in India.

  175. If the new Swift is released in Sep/Oct 2011, from when bookings will start?
    Will this new model also have a waiting period(3/4 months)?
    Thanks in advance for your response.

  176. @Babu,
    yes, its launching in Sep-Oct, and yes, there will be waiting, but how much waiting? that i can’t answer.

  177. @Rohit,
    Many thanks for your response.

  178. i already book for the new swift i think it was launced in july 2011

  179. Hello I have booked Swift Vdi 10 days beofore i dont know when should i get this as the booking time is 6-12 weeks.
    Also I am not aware that shall i get a new model or old model
    Can you please help me to get this inforamtion

  180. @Varun
    It will old model as the official launch has not been done and will not take place before Sep or Oct 2011.

  181. samad kasam fodkar

    i am intrested to buy new swift please inform me when it is launch thankyou

  182. Hi everyone ! I am literally confused between New swift and Hyundai I20. Since I am tall 6 ft and require good leg room – can any body suggest “should I wait for new swift and see how much space its increasing ?

  183. hey, i already booked new swift sports its awesome car….:P

  184. A source from MUL stated that the third generation swift (2011) will be launched in the second or third week of august…

  185. Jnaneshwar Gopali

    All the new features of New Maruti swift 2011 are excellent except in Ground Clearance where it is very narrow (140 mm in height) as compapred to old swift (170 mm in height). This needs to be corrected otherwise 140 mm Ground clearance is not sufficient for Indian road conditions. At present Toyota Liva is comming up with this kind of features, so to compete with Liva, Maruti has to change its ground clearance to 170 mm and rest of the features are excellent.

  186. Wow its awesome.. am also waiting for thisssss

  187. can anyone plz tell me when the new swift will be launched in india and when its booking will start????

  188. new swift is very nice!!!!!!!!!!!…… i am intrested to buy new swift please inform me when it is launch thank you

  189. i want to buy new swift i want to kw tht whn it will be come in gujarat.thnx

  190. hi i already booked swift vxi n now i badly require either by thelast wk of july or by 1wk of aug should i wt for for new swift.help me when new model will we available

  191. Jnaneshwar Gopali

    Wait for another two months till the end of September to book for new swift-2011.

  192. is there any difference b/w old model n new model let me know should i wait or go for the old model.

  193. I love swift car

  194. Its goin to be launch in de end of August o early September..!!!

    W- WISE


  196. hi, suparb kip it up………

  197. Dear All ,I want to buy Maruti Swift Dzire Deisel car.
    i have already booked car in Feb 2011 threw KIRAN MOTORS,Ahmedabad, They are commited for delivery in 120 days & now all ready 170 days completed,now they are give me letter by courier, car delivery comes to October, what can i do? cancell Booking? or wait for new car? what is the price for new Dzire?


  199. @Prashant
    If you want it soon, you can get it by talking with dealer and escalate the matter to his senior in the dealership or someone with Maruti Marketing team. If you don’t get satisfactory response, you may cancel it or ask the dealer to convert it to the New Dzire booking when booking for it starts. As per our estimates, the prices of new Dzire will not be much changed as the new Dzire gets excise duty benefits which may even make it bit cheaper.

  200. My swift is a diesel rocket .

  201. Maruti swift 2011 one of the best car in the world

  202. Dont get fooled by these images. What we are getting in India is a toned down version of the maruti suzuki swfit. Here is the list of things that is not making to India. 1)Bluetooth 2)Cruse control, 3)60:40 rear split seat, 4)ESP, 5)Push button start, 6)curtain airbags, 7)16 inch alloy wheels


  204. Good car with various colors…..


  206. very poor leg room very less features no music system in vdi no air bag no motrised out side mirror no rear wiper washer and no defoger new maruti swift engine is a maruti floop old zen diesel engine. poor fit and finish rear tail ligh is very much out so it will broken more outside visiblity is very poor

  207. i like it so much

  208. rajesh singhaniya

    i hav already booked all new swift but still i m waiting frm 2 months. i hav already told to the jyoti motors but they r telling me to wait. u tel me what shall i do???????

  209. THE new swift is from the company of suzuki
    The old swift is from the company of maruti suzuki

    So the old swift will not vanish but suzuki international will have a new car

  210. hi Rohit,

    I want to purchase a new diesel car, in the range of Rs.5.0 lac – 6.0 lac with good features. My monthly average run is 1200 km.

    I’m mainly confused between diesel variants of Swift/Ritz, Figo & Liva.
    Which car would be a best package ?
    Please help in selecting a best diesel car.



  211. dear sir
    here pravin when u r launching new swift generation.


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