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Yamaha RX100 Is Coming Back With 4-Stroke Engine

Yamaha has stopped production of its famous RX100 and RX135 long back. It was one of the best sellers and most famous Motorbikes of its time. Rumours abound that Yamaha is working on a 4-stroke low pollution engine for new Yamaha RX100 Bike. The styling of the bike will be similar to the original RX100 styling. Going by the craze for this bike, the new RX100 and RX135 could prove to be lucrative propositions for Yamaha India.


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Updated on 24th June 2016 – It has emerged that a custom Yamaha RX-135 has been exhibited at a motor show in Malaysia. The legendary two-stroke motorcycle has got a purple chrome paint finish and golden highlights. The RX 135 has been known as the RX-K 135 in some markets where the K stands for King.

New Yamaha RX 135 Malaysia-Modified-Bike-Images

The 1985 RX 136 that was on sale in some international markets got a bikini fairing and a tailpiece. In the custom bike here, things like handlebar, grabrail, mud-guards, crankcase, front forks and the exhaust have been chrome-plated. The custom RX 135 here sports Showa front fork and Ohlins gas-charged rear shock-absorbers. The modified RX-135 you see here also sports Binter AR125 mag wheels and a disc brake at front with a Nissin calipers. The speedo console and the Rear View Mirrors have been carried over from the stock bike.


Yamaha RX 135-Malaysia-Modified-Bike-Images-Speedometer

The modified Yamaha RX 135 you see here finally boasts of a UMA Racing 30 carburetor that helps optimize the power output.

Images Courtesy- www.gilamotor.com

Updated on 2nd April 2016 – Highlighting the popularity of the Yamaha RX 135 amongst enthusiasts, news has emerged that a dealer in Bengaluru has auctioned off seven units of the iconic motorcycle for five figure sums. Rahul S Dhojanna, who owns Pace Motors, claims that enthusiasts at the auction shelled out around INR 1.5-165 lacs for the RX135 models. The dealer had been trying to sell these units for quite some time now, but had to wait in order to obtain necessary permissions from the RTO as registration of two-stroke bikes had been stopped.

The RX135 had been in production until 2005 and was a hit amongst biker thanks to its affordable price, easy maintenance, and good performance. Popularity of the model fueled rumours of Yamaha resurrecting the RX brand by launching an all-new version of the RX100 with a 4-stroke engine. However, since then, Yamaha has denied reports regarding the re-launch of the RX100 in India.

Yamaha India currently has no presence in the 100-110 cc segment with their lowest capacity motorcycle being the Saluto. They might be looking at entering the 100 cc commuter bike segment and might consider selling the model under the RX 100 moniker, However, this info is purely based on industry rumours and the only one who can confirm this news is Yamaha itself. We’ll be keeping a close eye on any further developments regarding the re-launch of the Yamaha RX100 with a 4-stroke engine so make sure you stay tuned to Car Blog India for all the updates.

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  1. Yamaha re-launching RX100 sounds good. Being owned a RX for the last 23 years, I would say that unless it sounds, moves like a 2 stroke RX , just looks will not bring back the old customers to the showroom. If Yamaha can bring in fuel injection on 2strokes to keep pollution as per norms it will be history. If they can’t then they should bring in the SR400 which looks like a big RX, royal classic looks which can even get some of the loyal RE customers as well.

    Either case bring back the classics, we love them

  2. Thats teriffic for them who know what RX 100 is………….Great !dea……Salute to the person who thought of this….

  3. its terrifc to launch the rx 100, im looking forward to it ……….and hope it still may remain the king of the 100s.

  4. happy to here it…the legend will be back….waiting for the stunning moment

  5. its a nice thing to hear.but only rx-100 2stroker can be a rocker

  6. When will it be launched ? Any Idea ? They have announced earlier that it will be in 2011, is it right ? Any way great news for Bike lovers, regards..

  7. Here s the rx100 fan waiting for the bike to launch here in INDIA

  8. Wat about yamaha crux…. it’s RX 100 in a 4 stroke

  9. I am the rx100 fan waiting for the bike to launch here in INDIA

  10. I am rx135 fan waiting for the bike to launch here in india

  11. i love yamaha rx 100 i am eagerly waiting 4 it

  12. happy to here it…the legend will be back….waiting for the stunning moment

  13. I’m waiting for the king maker(rx100)

  14. Salute to the person who thought of this.
    Plz re launch this RX 100

  15. when you launch of this grate bike i want to booked

  16. Eagerly waiting for rx-100 😀

  17. i am waiting for rx100…..

  18. I am eager to see the stallion…..it may be a challenge..wait & see

  19. i am waiting for yamaha rx 100 byke is very powder and good simple style bike

  20. mohammed ashfaq hussain

    when you r launch rx100 i want to book

  21. I wanna ybx new model for next year

  22. All fan’s are like Yamaha RX100 old model, but these people will be not satisfied of Yamaha RX100 new modelized byke. So i think plz you change this byke only “engine 2 stroke”, & all body are same to same.
    Sir you trust me, selling will be very progressived.

  23. When will be Rx 100 relaunches….. Please any one let me know…..

  24. Hi friend I want to buy Yamaha rx100 in 4 stroke please launching soon in tamilnadu I’m Yamaha rx100 fans in India I am waiting in show room

  25. Salute to the person who thought of this.
    Plz re launch this RX 100
    we r waiting for moment..

  26. Samar shekh
    17 june 2015 at.
    6:50 pm

    hi frends all like yamaha Rx 100 but old models these people will be not satisfied of Yamaha Rx 100 new modelized bike….so i thought plz you change this bike only. engine 4 stroke”””and all body are same to same siry you trust me …. selling will be very progressived. plz plz hurry up lanching yamaha Rx 100

  27. Samar ali Shekh

    hi frends all like yamaha Rx 100 but old models these people will be not satisfied of Yamaha Rx 100 new modelized bike….so i thought plz you change this bike only. engine 4 stroke”””and all body are same to same siry you trust me …. selling will be very progressived. plz plz hurry up lanching yamaha Rx 100

  28. When u launch my king in the road I need it pls pls reply when u launch

  29. i love yamaha Rx 100 i have required Rx100 new bike.pls fast launchiing

  30. i m toooo big fan of YAMAHA RX~100,i just love it,m waiting for this one.it givs a full on ROCKz.

  31. waiting for me also yamaha Rx 135

  32. shafakath pasha

    Hi I love Yamaha RX plz re lunch that bike

  33. shafakath pasha

    Hi I love Yamaha RX plz re lunch that bike RX bike is my life

  34. plz re launch that rx100 im waiting buy the bike…

  35. hi as am I waiting for it please do it fast

  36. I love yamaha rx100. Plz re launch

  37. please relaunch king in India

  38. Hi i am in love with RX100 so please relaunch the bike …Its nothing like anything…..The Rock

  39. Its really glad to hear that the legend is coming back.
    But one thing that would be missing, is sound. i dont think that a 4 storke engine can produce the trilling sound like that of a 2 stoke engine.
    i wish yamaha engineers could do something, so that the sound would not change.

    *fingers crossed*

  40. I have RX 100 of 86 model and waiting to hear some progress from the company of 4 stroke engine with the same sound.

  41. Rx…rx…rx..its not rx its rx king…
    …I m not just in love with yamaha rx 100…I m here to alive jst with mah rx 100..till from mah childhood I jst love that pop drilling sound..and after listening of relaunching that engine& sound…I..gonna crazy and no one knows that how eagerly m waiting for that to buy it…plz,plz,plz,,,,bring it back…

  42. मुझे नई yamaha rx100 mil सकती है क्या।।।
    plz call मी

  43. Please lunch Kawasaki Baja Kb 100 man

  44. It is good to hear.. But the beat of the bike should resemble the Japan g1 kit engine… Orelse it is totally waste

  45. 2 stroke is the real prince of the street

  46. please lonch yamaha rx100 bike thease are my fevrite bike

  47. am big crzy fan of RX100 n 135… I am eagrly waitng fr launching of tat vehicle. surely vl buy wn it launches…..I wanna tl u one thng ….royal enfield has came bck wt its new stlye…..its time to show wt u Yamaha ppl are…. …..

  48. Plz plz boos when the launch this road king rx…. We r also wait

  49. As Royal Enfield has came back with its new style, Now its time for Yamaha RX135 with new look

  50. really good decision. they can upgrade engine with FI option. In todays market we seriously missing decent looking straight seat bikes as hero honda CD100, yamaha rx100. thank good royal enfield not changed its look.

  51. I need rx100

  52. Hai..I want rx100 now only

  53. I am waiting

  54. I am wating rx 100

  55. I have RX 135 and want to new RX

    relaunched the tiger

    and it would be the real street fighter

  56. may i know the RX will relaunch are not

  57. i have planned to repaint my RX 100,but now i postponed. if relanch means i can buy and change my engine,gearbox and siliencer,will see……………………….

  58. Have been seeing the comments since 2011,is it really launching or not?

  59. Ya sincr the comments are from 2k11 and still you guys believe that , they gonna launch huh , lol . I don’t think those auto engineers are hearing us

  60. Its my ambition to by RX 100. I am waiting

  61. im the great fan of RX100 its my dream bike n i m missing it in 4stroke pls tell me whn it will be lounched here i cant wait anymore for the moment.

  62. Launch the Rx100 series bike with the same pickup and engine sound in new version 2strock or 4 strock.

  63. Iam waiting

  64. Any updates on launching rx 100 from long time people heariremourour abut the launch of bike but from no update from company pls update new status asap

  65. Are you sure RX 100 lanuch in 4 stroke Please conform

  66. Anish chandgothia Chandgothia

    Gud it will be gud to see it again as I already have one

  67. If Yamaha co.launch RX 100 again, provided I am alive, I will positively buy.When can we buy? Let the time come soon.

  68. Let the time come soon that yamaha will launch RX 100 4 stroke bike to anable me to buy for the same

  69. please relaunch rx100 soon

  70. Very welcome move.. but Yamaha should understand few things. While Rx100 was introduced, it was considered the most powerful in 100cc group, the most youthful bike and the most admired 2 stroker !!. If yamaha re introduce the Rx100- 4 stroke now, it may not click the same boxes as before, so it doest guarantee the same success. Please notice Rx 135 couldnt continue the success of the Rx 100. I feel, Yamaha need SR400 for the same magic, by style and power, it is the successor of Rx 100. Dont forget the original Rx100 sound too…!!

  71. Happy to hear this news.i want rx 100 .please bring quickly.


  73. I’m waiting yamaharx 100. when u launch sir. pls soon

  74. Simply I’M WAITING 4 buy

  75. I am big fan of yamaha I want to buy new yamaha rx100 so please relaunch soon


  77. I can’t wait to see THE NEW YAMAHA RX 100. Sooner the relaunch the more to capture the large market pie. A lots of fans looking forward to ride the LEGENG BIKE. Of course never compromise the the LEGENG SOUND

  78. I am waiting for this bike, and i loved old RX100 sound. Please make with some extra mileage in coming bike.


  80. Wait…….

  81. YAMAHA RX 100 135

  82. Very very good news i very happy

  83. Hi I love Yamaha Rx100, plz re launch rx100…..it’s most rocker bike in the world………

  84. Aaha the king of ‘WeLL of Death’…Good to See u back****

  85. my God bikes is back Iam waiting

  86. my god of bikes is back Iam waiting.no other bike can replace it never……

  87. I like rx100,when u relaunch this bike



  89. I’m not waiting coz I’ve got the best RX-100 in mint condition

  90. I hopefully waiting for new yamaha rx100 4 stroke. I request to yamaha company to launch rx100 as soon as possible. many peoples are waiting to buy new yamaha rx100 with 4 stroke. please hopefully requesting please launch rx100 in 2016.

  91. I hopefully waiting for new yamaha rx100 4 stroke. I request to yamaha company to launch rx100 as soon as possible. many peoples are waiting to buy new yamaha rx100 with 4 stroke. please hopefully requesting please launch rx100 in 2016.

  92. I am waiting

  93. Pujala Prabhakar

    congrats on releasing of Yamaha RX100 again I am very happy

  94. Mujhev intzar hai rx bike,ku

  95. I am waiting for rx100
    My favourite bike
    When releasing

  96. I am waiting
    I like to ride rx100

  97. I am waiting
    I like to rx100 n rx135

  98. -What would be the price
    -when can it be expected for sale in Mumai
    -look will be the same as earlier
    -how many varient in cc

  99. That’s a fantastic idea of yahama to re release it’s pride motorbike rx 100….Thank you yahama team. .. I’m waiting for you darling. ..(rx 100)…

  100. I’m waiting….. I’m happy

  101. I’m waiting….. I’m happy RX 100

  102. ….blastingggg thought ,,,,,awesome idea ,,my baby is re launching ,, every men deserves this,, loving vehicle, tan q for the ideas and thought,,,

  103. Abdul rahuman. S

    I am waiting
    I like to rx100

  104. wooow, its nice to hear RX should be come again to earth, if it comes there are many people ready to get include myself i am waiting, pls launch soooooooooooooooonnnnnn

  105. i will buy a rx surely

  106. I am waiting for king maker RX100…

  107. I am waiting

  108. Plz launch this bike Yamaha Rx 100 we eager to book this bike

  109. RX 100 RELAUNCHED ITS VERY HAPPY இந்த வாகனம் விற்பனை காலத்தில் வாங்கும் திறன் எனக்கு இல்லை ! வாங்கும் திறன் எனக்கு வந்த போது வாகனம் விற்பனையில் இல்லை !

  110. Wowww i awsm i mean waiting for my love Rx100

  111. I am waiting to ride next generation yamaha..,

  112. Wow… This time I never miss….

  113. Wow…..this time I never miss…..

  114. I am waiting

  115. thats gr8…bt wht abt the craze of tht exhaust sound for fans like me…exhaust will same or not.

  116. If Yamaha Launches RX100 and RX135 and named as RX Classic, These will be the Best sellers among all the age groups. We r waiting for the Launch 🙂

  117. I have a rxz if anyone interested call me for exchange and sale anything in Bangalore

  118. Shrinath Betgeri

    OMG!!! yamaha rx 100 i am eagerly waiting 4 it

  119. Hopefully launch on 14 April 2016(yamaha will launch 100 cc bike on that date)

  120. can the new 4 stock deliver the same power that 2 stock delivers ?????

  121. its sounding good, but it is 4 stroke………………………

  122. We are waiting… pls tell when its gonna be launched….

  123. Bega lunch madi sir….. m waiting…….!!

  124. Shal I pre book ???

  125. really good news to yamaha rx 100 lovers & riders pls release early plssssssssssssss waiting………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  126. I love Rx 100 pls launch it soon. I ll buy

  127. Guys Yamaha should release not rx100 but rx 150cc 4 stroke engine or 200cc or 250cc.
    this 150cc can be taken from FZ put in RX frame.
    Most importantly sound should be there

  128. Atleast 2 cyl , 4stroke , 350cc , double silencer, awesome sound , classic rd350 style

  129. guys check this image “yamaha sakura”

  130. 2 stroke RX is a real king OF THE STREET

  131. LORD OF BIKEZ RX100….

  132. I’m waiting for RX 100 ………. I be the FIRST seller in the World……

  133. Old is gold rx 100 is bold

  134. its tym to reborn !!!

  135. i m eagerly waiting to buy RX 100. When are you going to launch?

  136. Is intezar ko khatm karne ka jald hi pryas kare aur is bike me chahne walo ko sukun bhari ride ka ehsas phir se de.

  137. Mohit Kumar Singh

    Old is gold rx 100 is bold

  138. M. Sharath babu

    I’m still waitingv

  139. Wen will be releasing Yamaha bike

  140. But why not launch
    I’m waiting

  141. the legend horse is going to back

  142. the two wheel cheetah is back

  143. i am waiting
    when will be launch

  144. I am waiting for ride RX 100…….

  145. Y yamaha not relaunching rx100 …..I think they don’t read our comments . if some other brand gives like RX bike
    means Yamaha also launch it ….

  146. Ali, I love yahama rx 100 n 135 please relaunch

  147. I am waiting for new rx100

  148. Nice when its launched.

  149. I am very eager to see the new look of RX 100. I used to ride on Rx 100 with my friends during my Collage life. I am from YAMAHA conscious famuly. My dad is having YAMAHA G 5 and right now i am using FZ.

    Waiting for the Launch.


    I am Waiting

  151. RX100 IS COMING BACK wit 4 stroke engine

  152. humble request to YAMAHA kindly launch it asap… I postponed my plan to buy new bike after getting this news…. excited with patience…

  153. love to hear dat,.very xciting.,..can’t wait,..dirrrr dirrrrr dirrrrr

  154. but pls make it as early as possible

  155. any idea about its cost????

  156. I waiting this bike RX100 bike i purchase

  157. pls fast quickly marketing,i am waiting……

  158. Awesome taught. I taught to write a mail to Yamaha reg the same. why they are not launching new version with same beating

    Second hand bikes are selling in new bike rates.

    Finally happening, We welcome you !!!

  159. I am waiting this bike to purchase

  160. I am waiting
    I like to ride rx100

    need my lovely bike

    cell 9944447963

  161. when its relaunched in this bike? how do booking this bike? i am waiting.

  162. I am waiting RX100 i love this bike

  163. I am waiting coming back RX100 i love this bike

  164. Is it true ……
    If is it true……. Then I am the 1st who will be buying it in Kerala….

  165. I like Rx100 Yamaha… I’m waiting for new Rx100..

  166. plz declare the date of lonching

  167. Nice to hear about this rock star. . .
    Soon say the launching date, waiting for the legend to rule the chennai’s road. . .

    I’m Waiting. . .

  168. Smruti Ranjan Das

    My dream bike yes YAMAHA RX100 4 stroke relaunch…….

  169. am sooooo happy nowW…….
    BecOz of launchinG rx…..
    Anybody know its price??

  170. Vry happy to hear that Yamaha RX100 is coming back as 4 stroke n plz send Arunachal Pradesh Yamaha Dealers.

  171. Rock star

  172. I am waiting fr my precious bike

  173. I love this bike am waitining

  174. मुजे नवि rx100 मिल सकती है क्या

  175. Let me know when the Bike is going to launch with the date so we can plan accordingly

  176. sarang shingitam

    It will rock if the engine is 2stroke.. but we all know it is a day dream..

  177. The beat .. the pickup …….The winning horse is back the legendary bike is back with extra 2 strokes .I am the president of yamaha rx100 association. .bring him back ya maharaja bike…..

  178. Sidhartha Shankar

    Desperately waiting for the re-launch… any confirmed dates?

  179. Its not a bike if it is not a 2 stroke

  180. i am waiting … for rx 100

  181. you people are foolish rx 100 2 stroke is the best of alltime but 4 stroke i different concept so todays 200cc 4 stroke will be good not rx 100 4 stroke

  182. Yamaha rx100/135 is king of bike jungle. I am waiting for dream bike with same sound and more important thing technolgy must be by JAPAN. lounch as early possible.

  183. Super Racing Rx100 bike Raider

  184. I want Rx100 in some facilities please launch this facility
    2.car horn
    3.digital meter box
    4.self/kick start
    5.digital led buttons
    Please launch soon in tenkasi

  185. I love Rx because. Of hear sound you will maintained. That sound

  186. Iam waiting for Rx 100

  187. My favorite bike Rx100., I am waiting

  188. Very happy to hear that Yamaha RX100 is coming back as 4 stroke,I am waiting for Rx 100

  189. Iam waiting for Rx 100

  190. Very happy to hear that Yamaha RX100 is coming back as 4 stroke,I am waiting for Rx 100

  191. ippa irakkum irakkumennu paranjitt vandi evdedoooo…?

  192. i am waiting rx 100 and 135

  193. rx 100 aur 135 ke aage sab bikes bekar yamaha company se gujarish he ye bike firse market me rakhe fir dekho saari bikes is ke aage fail

  194. I am eaiting madly for RX 100. Please launch it fast.

  195. Well come back Yamaha. I am waiting for Yamaha RX 100

  196. Plz loch rx 100

  197. Rx135, 100 bike news give me please

  198. I am waiting for Rx 100 new model

  199. Big fan of RX100
    I just love it
    Plz are launch soon

  200. I like this Yamaha RX 100 & rx135 new lanchier bike I am waiting yamaha

  201. I AM WAITING FOR RX 100000000000000000,1355555555555555

  202. I am very happy so I like rx100

  203. I am Waiting rx 100

  204. Im having rx100 japan modelsingle owner. Im used 18years in single hand. I never believe re entering the rx.. its an unbeatable vehicle to others.. i love rx..

  205. like this bike yamaha rx100

  206. manivannan k.p.olaipatty salem

    like rx100

  207. Naleshwar Narzari.

    Yamaha did re-launch RX100 in 4 stroke but only in a name _ The so much rumored relaunch of Yamaha RX100 is none other than Yamaha Saluto RX 110 altogether in new design from old classic design to current regular commuter design, from spoke wheel to alloy wheel _ All I can say is _ It gonna be a Flop for the Yamaha _ Yamaha Saluto RX 110 is nothing but downgraded version of Yamaha Saluto 125 _ The wishes of the RX100 fans were – exact old classic design of the Yamaha RX 100 with same elongated fuel tank, same flat seat, same spoke wheel (may be with Disc break), same rectangular rear light, rounded indicator light, upgraded console with fuel and oil indicators, self start and nitrox gas filled rear shaock absorber _ That would have become an instant HIT for the resurrected Yamaha RX 100 4 stroke among the members of the RX cult_ But all the hope and wishes of the RX fans have been ditched in drain by the Yamaha _ Well _ Congratulation Yamaha for wasting your time, money and man power in researching, designing and manufacturing of good for nothing Saluto RX110.

  208. Big fan of RX100
    I just love it
    Plz are launch soon

  209. Raja Sekhar Bobbala

    Plz relaunch Yamaha rx100 or manufacture on order.Egarley waiting for king of bikes.

  210. I was a Yamaha RX 100 lover for many yrs, but, as it stopped manufacturing in India since long yrs,I was really sad, my almost all the friends had Yamaha that very time 1985 to 1996 all racers even loved this bike , in India, its firing was amazeing, no bike had that time, still don’t, have. Light weight/ simple but smart look/ good performance/ if, (again its launched in India old customers would hit the showroom its sale would not decline its would increase, and for sure I loved when I was in 20s today’s 20 yes would really love, it can give a tough competition to others two wheel manufacturer in India ( the management should take the decision o start RX 100 manufacturing in India)

  211. Thirunavukkarasu

    pls relaunch

    ed RX 100 4 stroke soon

  212. My life Rx 100

  213. NànĐhü T FàRsèén

    I like yamaha rx 100… I want that immediately… Bt I need Japan engine…. Am waiting bhaa

  214. please try to launch yamaha rx 100 as soon as possible , in india, it would really loved &liked by the bikers in india, and i m sure by the youngsters in india, yeah! There has to be some changes made as per today requirement, but, i can assure the fireing/ pick up was great of that bike, that very time of yamaha rx 100, even that type of fireing &pick -up in todays bike very rarely available , nowadays looks matters rather then milege/ maintenence , and india is a good market for any bussiness, so i request the management to look seriousally to start yamaha production in india, youngsters would love fireing & pick -up of rx 100.

  215. Jayaram Acharya

    I am the proud owner of 1988 make Yamaha RX100. It has run over 150000 km. The condition of the bike is still excellent and no other bike can match it.

  216. ha ha ….i am very happy…………………………………….



  218. I am very happy plz early launch this bike rx100 n rx135….

  219. Yamaha rx 100 back old

  220. rajesh siliguri

    waiting for yamaha rx100 still now hurry manufaring co.

  221. Pls fast launch in Yamaha Rx100 iam waiting

  222. ak.shibu kilivayal

    rx 100 is our passion…. we are very happy…..launch the king very soon..plzzzzzzz

  223. Chetan s sharma

    Rx100yamaha is my best bike

  224. kannababu kanna

    I am big fan of yamaha rx100……i waiting to ride

  225. Very glad to hear abt launching of RX 100,

    Plz launch at the earliest..
    i already own RX100, RXZ 5 speed, YBX , Ray Z Cygnus.
    I am fan of yamaha since 1982,

  226. yamaha rx 100 like

  227. I am urgently need of a RX135 cylinder bore kit, Any body can help me?

  228. deepak kumar roy

    mujha new yamaha bike rx100,rx135 mil shakta hai kaya

  229. Mere paas bhi yamaha rx 100 aur mai chahta hun ki ye fir se 150 cc me aaye taaki sbki hawa tight kr de… this is the only bike who rememberd as robbery bike in its history…

  230. iam waiting for rx-100

  231. I love yamaha rx 135 i am big fan of yamaha rx135 so plz launch yamaha rx 135 i am buying this lovle bike

  232. srinivas krishnappa

    waiting……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….roads are waiting with patiance,…..

  233. Watting for Yamaha baik.
    Me Yamaha baik ka bhout sokeen ho.
    But milti nahi.☺

  234. Super bike yamaha rx100

  235. I am waiting to buy a bike for me…….I request you Mr Dubey please relaunch it as soon you can…..
    Not only I m the one who is waiting but also my whole group of yamaha riders are waiting to buy it on cash, no loan also….thia is the fact Mr dubey please relaunch within one or two month iitself. ….
    I love love love love love yamaha……I don’t even love a girl if I get yamaha……..I m a big fan


    I need Yamaha rx100 bike


    Very nice bike and sound super rx100 Yamaha

  238. I am veri happy or thanks yamaha rx100 cam back

  239. I love yamaha rx100,,,,please please please ……re lunch the bike in 4strock engine……

  240. Hy all GENTLEMEN’s I’m sure that I am also an big big big fan of YAMAHA RX 100….I request those all GENTLEMEN to relaunch our most favorite RX 100 as soon as possible…. bcoz…V r WAITING…..

  241. Yamaha RX 100 is god of bike plz lunching I m waiting plz lunching date in india

  242. My favourite bike is yamha Rx 100 .India’s no one bike

  243. Old RX100 is mass
    And new bike expecting more then that

  244. I am happy to see this bike, my favourite bike

  245. Rx.. Rx.. Rx.. Old rx is good but new rx is much better than that old one, so plzz lunch it very soon, i am feeling exited to buy it

  246. Improve milage, style, & self start,
    Am fan of the Yamaha Rx100,
    waiting for launching by india…

  247. I’m waiting RX 100 fast launching India

  248. I love yamaha Rx 100 please launch fast I am wating for yamaha Rx 100

  249. I am waiting for Rx 100 booking . pls inform when I expect .

  250. Already i hv RX 100 n RX 135. If dis gets launched in India i wanna buy dis too. Thankx fr thinking to re launc dis bike.

  251. Pls Don’t mention rx name in any bike relaunch the old rx100

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