Legendary Yezdi Might Relaunch In 2019 – We Explain


Yezdi is going to make a comeback next year. Like Jawa, it will be a modern version of the iconic bike. However, it will retain the original looks and look as retro as it can get. 

Jawa and Yezdi were one brand, but two different versions of a bike. Yezdi became more popular amongst the both and till now, it is much revered.

At the launch of Jawa Motorcycles, Classic legends confirmed that it will also launch more bikes further, which will include the Yezdi too.

Most likely, it will sport a newly developed 250cc engine. The earlier Yezdi came in many variants, but the most popular were Classic and Roadking 250.

yezdi bikes launch

We expect the names to be the same as earlier like Yezdi Roadking, Monarch, Classic, Deluxe and like that.

So, here are our expectations for the launch date, price, engine specifications and design changes that the new Yezdi might have.

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Yezdi Launch Date

Launch Date (expected) Late 2019

Mahindra hasn’t yet made an official announcement on the launch date of the new bike. However, it’s worth a note here that the manufacturer recently launched the official website for Yezdi. This, along, hints at a fast-approaching launch. Subsequently, its launch could happen at the end of 2019.

Production of the new Yezdi will take place at Mahindra’s Pithampur facility. We await an official word on the launch date at the moment.

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Yezdi Price

Price (expected) Rs 1.5 lakh

Price of the new Yezdi model will be announced only at the time of its launch. However, Mahindra has been pretty vocal about positioning this new brand as a lifestyle offering. This means there’s a high chance of prices being on the higher side.

So, we expect a pricing of Rs 1.4 Lakhs, placing it a bit lower than Jawa bikes.

The new bike will be manufactured locally and India will be the export hub for this new model.

Yezdi Design Upgrades

As we all saw, the new Jawa stayed true to its roots. So, the same design philosophy will be used with Yezdi.

Yezdi was basically a redesigned Jawa. In 1973, Jawa bikes became Yezdi as they received a couple of design makeovers. The mechanicals remained the same thought.

For example, Yezdi got a squared fuel tank instead of Jawa’s bulbous one. Also, Jawa came with a full headlamp covering cowl, which was removed in Yezdi. Basically, Yezdi was modernized a bit for the younger generation.

In the new Yezdi, you can expect the same squared fuel tank, twin-pea shooter exhausts, single flat seat and the headlamp style.

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Yezdi Engine Specifications

Engine 250cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Max. Power 21 BHP (est)
Peak Torque 25 Nm (est)
Transmission 6-speed Manual

Since their most famous bikes were Classic 250 and Roadking 250, we strongly believe that it might get a new 250cc engine itself. Since Classic Legends stayed true to the design of Jawa, it might use the same philosophy here. Like Jawa, it will pair up with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The exhaust note might not be the same as the earlier 2-stroke engine, but near resemblance would be maintained.

Yezdi Mileage

Maximum Mileage 45 KMPL
Minimum Mileage 40KMPL

While the ARAI mileage figure will be out only around the launch, it’s possible that this engine will offer a maximum mileage of 45 KMPL.

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Yezdi Top Speed

Top Speed 130 KMPH

The claimed top speed for the Jawa 350 is 130 KMPH. The India-spec Yezdi could have the same claimed figure.

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Yezdi Other Details

Front Tyre 100/90 – 19-inch
Rear Tyre 130/70 – 18-inch
Front Wheel 1.85 x 19-inch
Rear Wheel 3.00 x 18-inch
Battery Type Maintenance Free
Seat Height 760 mm
Wheelbase 1420 mm
Dry Weight 160 KGs
Fuel Tank Capacity 12.5-litres
Reserve Fuel Capacity 2-litres

The new model of the Yezdi has a dry weight of 154 KGs. It has a fuel tank of 17-litres. The new bike gets spoke wheels, with the front wheel measuring 19-inch in diameter and the rear wheel measuring 18-inch in diameter.

Stay tuned to Car Blog India for latest news updates on the new Yezdi launch date, price, specs, mileage, etc.

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  1. we r very happy to know that The Indian Aoto Giant Company mahindra is going to relaunch the iconic bike of 70is-80is YEZDI/ZAWA I owned a yezdi 1977 model still today i am riding it hope near future we have a new one …… my contact no. is 09415368470

  2. Apratim
    Really I love this very much and am using Yazdi Classic 250cc after spending a handsome amount on it. Though amount invested is little bit on higher side, but it is well attended by Rehaman Saheb nd ( Mobile No. +9848546884) a genius and specialist of all types of two wheelers especially Yazdi & Royal Enfield of Hyderabad. If royal enfield is supposed to King of bikes, I rate Yzadi Classic 250 cc as my Queen whom I love with my heart. I am 100% sure nobody will like to drive any other two wheeler except Royal Enfield

  3. I hope it’s wonderful that mahindra is launching the new version of iconic bike yezdi jawa motorcycle there is a vast expectations from the yezdi lovers for the new version .We trust mahindra …..We trust yezdi …… But we don’t trust the Chinese engine. …..
    Still owning a yezdi 250 cl2 model 1986 a very good condition

  4. There is a lot of knowledge and awareness in the market on Yezdi and Jawa now. People are aware of the developments and these bikes are again smoking on the roads. I am an ardent fan of the cult bikes and have quite a few myself. Roadking was the best of the yezdi stable and jawa has the best vintage feel amongst them. People look at me with an awe and many are dumbstruck. When I drop my son to his school it gives him a high I think and that is enough for me to own these. My love for these bikes made me the moderator of the Yezdi Jawa club of delhi as well. Today I restore these bikes, help people with the spares needed to run them and what not. Long live yezdi – we all will welcome the bike with an open heart.

  5. really I am so happy
    I am starting bike jawa and also used yezdi 250 cc classic

    and my dad is very genius man for yezdi mechanic
    he is very much good machanic

    he is one jawa modified in tvs victor model

  6. I would like if mahindra start production of the paarts which are there in old jawa bikes which would help the owners of old jawa bikes to restore n would b very useful

  7. My favourite bike yezdi 250 classic. It’s a big thing that mahindra reproduced yezdi bike again I am lot of thanks to mahindra.

  8. I was the proud owner of yezdi classic II , one of the best cruiser of its time.Petrol overflow problem has been solved in revised version

  9. mahindra please hurry up with new yezdi. i had already mailed some suggestions for improvement. mahindra kindly try to understand that mojo engine is more acceptable ti us than chinese engine.

  10. I have Yezdi 1987 model black color, and Bullet 350cc Classic Silver color. If Yezdi bike is relaunched I will definitely buy new one.

  11. I have Yezdi 1987 model black color, and Bullet 350cc Classic Silver color. If Yezdi bike is relaunched I will definitely buy new one.

  12. I love riding Yezdi, its comfortness, road grip and sound. If Yezdi 350cc bike is re-launched awaiting buy new one.

  13. I have Roadking I am still driving it since 20 year it is my favorite bike inspire of high smoke emission I like it. Awaiting for new launch


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