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Reinventing an icon is not an easy task and maintaining the old world charm while giving it a modern feel is definitely a challenge. But get it right and the product could be hugely successful. Fiat did it with the 500, Volkswagen with the Beetle and now Land Rover is trying to emulate that with the next gen 2016 Land Rover Defender.

The iconic off roader whose design and traditional qualities haven’t seen much change over the years is set to be replaced by a modern car trying to retain the same old world charm while being new enough to still be considered on of the best 4x4s around. The pictures seen here are rendering of the next gen Land Rover hinting at what the vehicle could possibly look like. The SUV looks modern with headlamps and tail lamps following Land Rover’s new design language, first seen on the Evoque, but at the same time the car retains it’s butch, battle hardened SUV look and incorporates design elements from the DC100 concept as well. According to sources the styling of the next gen Land Rover Defender has already been finalised with a concept set to showcase the new look in one of the major auto shows next year. Which means the car will most likely hit production by the summer of 2016.

2016 Land Rover Defender
2016 Land Rover Defender

In terms of body construction the next gen Land Rover Defender will be built on an aluminium monocoque with the addition of an aluminium superstructure which provide greater stiffness and help reduce weight at the same time. Based on feedback wherein the customer was able to hose down the interiors of the current Defender , the future car might also but built in a similar fashion keeping ‘Premium Durability’ in mind which is the central idea behind the development of the new product. The next gen Land Rover defender will be powered by the Ingenium series of engines ranging from 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines as well as V6 engines. These will be mated to 8 speed and 9 speed transmissions and a manual transmission option could also be offered.

The new car’s butch looks, mechanical durability and off-road capabilities should result in a worthy replacement for the Land Rover Defender. While the inception of modern technology and comfort should make the next gen Land Rover Defender more appealing to the urban buyers as well.

2016 Land Rover Defender
2016 Land Rover Defender

More on the Defender/DC100 here and here.

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