2018 Honda CR-V vs Toyota Fortuner and others – Price comparison


2018 Honda CR-V has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs 28.15 Lakhs. Here is the price comparison story of 2018 Honda CR-V vs Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and others. 

The 2018 Honda CR-V has been introduced in India, today. The new CR-V gets 5-seater and 7-seater options, which now takes it into a different competition altogether. The prices of the full-sized SUV start from Rs 28.15 Lakhs and go up to Rs 32.75 Lakhs (prices ex-showroom Delhi). New additions on the CR-V include a new 1.6 Litre diesel engine, that gives up 120 BHP power. We think that the diesel engine might be a little underpowered. Read more about the CR-V here. Moving on, its competitors now include Fortuner, Endeavour, Isuzu MU-X, Pajero Sport and Tiguan. So, let’s put the 2018 Honda CR-V vs its competitors to check which one is right for your budget.

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2018 Honda CR-V Vs Toyota Fortuner

Honda CR-V Toyota Fortuner
2WD P – Rs 28.15 Lakhs
4X2 P MT – Rs 27.27 Lakhs
2WD D – Rs 30.65 Lakhs
4X2 P AT – Rs 28.86 Lakhs
4WD D – Rs 32.75 Lakhs
4X2 D MT – Rs 29.28 Lakhs
4X2 D AT – Rs 31.07 Lakhs
4X4 D MT – Rs 31.18 Lakhs
4X4 D AT – Rs 32.97 Lakhs

The CR-V comes in three variants – 2WD Petrol, 2WD Diesel and 4WD diesel. Also, the 7-seater variant comes only in diesel variants. As compared to Fortuner, we can see that Fortuner has a lot of variants. The price range is similar between both the SUVs. Not all the SUVs in this list offer petrol variants.

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2018 Honda CR-V Vs Ford Endeavour

Honda CR-V Ford Endeavour
2WD P – Rs 28.15 Lakhs
2.2L 4X2 AT Trend – Rs 26.32 Lakhs
2WD D – Rs 30.65 Lakhs
2.2L 4X2 AT Titanium – Rs 30.27 Lakhs
4WD D – Rs 32.75 Lakhs
3.2L 4X4 Titanium – Rs 32.81 Lakhs

Ford Endeavour only comes with a 2.2 Litre and a 3.2 Litre diesel engines. No petrol engine. Usually, with huge engine capacities, it becomes tough to maintain the mileage figure in petrol engines. The base variant of Endeavour is priced much lower than the CR-V but the total price range is much similar.

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2018 Honda CR-V Vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Honda CR-V Pajero Sport
2WD P – Rs 28.15 Lakhs
Sport – Rs 28.28 Lakhs
2WD D – Rs 30.65 Lakhs
Sport Dual Tone – Rs 28.77 Lakhs
4WD D – Rs 32.75 Lakhs
Select Plus – Rs 29.45 Lakhs

Just like the Endeavour, Pajero Sport also comes with a diesel engine. The Pajero uses a 2.5 Litre Turbocharged diesel engine. The base variants of both the SUVs are priced similar, but the prices of Pajero end around Rs 3.5 Lakhs lesser than CR-V.

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2018 Honda CR-V Vs Volkswagen Tiguan

Honda CR-V
Volkswagen Tiguan
2WD P – Rs 28.15 Lakhs
Comfortline – Rs 27.49 Lakhs
2WD D – Rs 30.65 Lakhs
Highline – Rs 30.87 Lakhs
4WD D – Rs 32.75 Lakhs

The Tiguan also comes with only one 2.0 Litre TDI diesel engine. However, Tiguan is just a 5-seater SUV that comes in that price range. The base and top end variant of Tiguan are priced lower than that of CR-V.

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2018 Honda CR-V Vs Isuzu MU-X

Honda CR-V
Isuzu MU-X
2WD P – Rs 28.15 Lakhs
4X2 AT – Rs 24.83 Lakhs
2WD D – Rs 30.65 Lakhs
4X4 AT – Rs 26.80 Lakhs
4WD D – Rs 32.75 Lakhs

The last on the list is the Isuzu MU-X. Now, this SUV is all set to receive its facelift by this month. The MU-X falls in the same segment but is the cheapest of them all. At Rs 26.80 Lakhs, it is cheaper than even the base variant of every other SUV in this segment.

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