Angry Rhino Chases Tourists in Maruti Gypsy in Assam – VIDEO

  • A viral video shows an angry rhino chasing tourists out on a safari in Maruti Gypsy SUVs
  • The video has been shot by one of the tourists at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam
  • No one was injured in this incident

National parks around the country give us humans a chance to view wildlife up close. Unlike a zoological park, national parks have many species of wild animals roaming free in a natural environment. While due precautions are taken to avoid visitors disturbing any of the animals, things do go out of hand occasionally. Previously, we’ve seen many videos of angry animals charging at tourists. In a similar incident, a rhino that got irritated by swarms of tourists in Maruti Gypsy chased the scared souls in the Kaziranga National Park of Assam. 

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Rhino scares tourists in Maruti Gypsy SUVs at Kaziranga National Park in Assam
Rhino scares tourists in Maruti Gypsy SUVs at Kaziranga National Park in Assam

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Tourists in Maruti Gypsy SUVs Scream in Fear

A video that has gone viral shows a rhino chasing tourists out on a jungle safari in Maruti Gypsy SUVs. You can hear screams as the vehicles speed away from the angry animal. As seen in the multiple videos that have gone online, the enormous animal kept chasing the tourists for a good distance. All this while, the tourists in the Gypsys kept screaming in fear. 

As per PTI, the rhino chased the Maruti Gypsy SUVs out on a safari in the Bagori range of the Kaziranga National Park. The animal even managed to come dangerously close to one of the vehicles as it brushed against one of the rear tyre. However, there has been no report of any sort of injury to the tourists. However, later inspection revealed a mark of the rhino’s teeth on one of the tyres, which could have caused injury to the animal’s mouth. It’s also possibly why the angry animal retreated and veered into the grasslands. The report further stated, “The family of Utpal Bordoloi from Duliajan was in the last vehicle and his daughter Sneha Bordoloi captured the entire chase in a video that has gone viral.” 

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Similar to Recent Jungle Safari Incident in Kerala

Meanwhile, the tourists stated that the drivers of the Maruti Gypsy SUVs used for the jungle safari were extremely skilled and patient. They ensured that the visitors were taken to safety, thereby preventing a major mishap. The latest incident comes soon after footage of an elephant chasing safari jeeps in Kabini National Park went viral a few days ago. The said video showed an angry elephant chasing down the jeeps at a pretty high speed. The mammoth creature was seen retreating into the woods after the driver of the vehicle reversed out of the animal’s territory. In another incident, a leopard that entered the urban confines attacked a Maruti Omni full of passengers. 13 people were reported to sustain injury in this mishap.

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