Another Tata Nano Caught Fire In Vadodara, Gujarat


Tata has worked hard to make Tata Nano small cars safe for the owners especially in respect of the fire incidents that have taken plane in the past years. Tata Motors have conducted an analysis on the past incidents and have declared that Tata Nano is a safe car and the fire incidents could have taken place because of foreign material coming in contact with hotter parts of the car. Also Tata Motors conducted a campaign to safeguard all the cars by fitting them with additional fire safety at the cost of Tata Motors for all the Tata Nano cars sold till that time.

In another mishap which tool place in Vadodara in Gujarat on June 1, 2011, another Tata Nano went up in flames. As per the firemen who calmed down the fire:

The engine of a Nano car caught fire near the Samta police outpost in Subanpura locality gutting down the front seat.

The Nano which caught fire belonged to Mayank Doshi. There is no information whether this Nano was taken to Tata Motors workshop to install the additional safety arrangements which were announced by Tata Motors for all Tata Nano cars in May 2010.

In a similar incident last year, another Nano was burnt which was brand new and was being transported to the dealership and caught fire on the rear side of the car when it was on the highway. Any such incident with a Tata Nano raises many eye-brows and questions in the minds of perspective buyers of the cars. Also it worries the existing owners who feel unsafe when they hear such incidents taking place. We hope such fire incidents don’t happen again with any car.

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