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Now Avoid Hefty Traffic Challan By Paying Rs 100 – What?!

You can free yourself from the new motor vehicle amendment act in just Rs 100 and avoid paying hefty traffic challan.

We have been telling you several horror stories of the new Motor Vehicles Amendment Act and how the people are getting affected by it. The heavy penalties have brought many cases to our eyes and now we tell you how to avoid traffic challans if you are caught in the middle of somewhere.

Yes, you can avoid traffic challan in just Rs 100. This law is not known to many people and often the offender gets trapped by the police official quotes and pays the heavy traffic fines to them.

This rule directs the offender to get themselves a court challan of Rs 100 and when all the necessary documents are submitted, the challan will be cancelled. If you are riding or driving without the documents like DL, RC, PUC and Insurance papers, get a court challan on the spot.

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However, this rule is not applicable to those who do not have these documents in the first place. The rule also states that you get a timeline of 15 days to show the particular documents at the court. And no, you cannot go to the cops and get you challan cancelled, there are particular steps which you have to follow.

Other penalties like riding without a helmet, not wearing a seatbelt, riding with flip flops, using high beam where they’re not required, over-speeding, jumping the signal, stopping after the zebra-crossing, parking at the wrong sport and many other illegal things which a driver can do.

The new motor vehicles amendment act is a step from the government to allow the safety of people on Indian roads. While some people are okay with this stricter rule others have raised their concern and anger over this act.

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States like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal and Rajasthan have not implemented this new rule. When asked about the reason as to why they will not implement the new challan fines then they citied ‘the fresh rules will just anger the people and create a ruckus in their lives’.

Recently, Gujarat has reduced the fine for triple riding by 90% and the mandatory helmet rule for pillion rider has also been removed. Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari also said that this new rule is for the betterment of the people and his car has also been given a challan for over speeding.