How To Find If You Have A Pending Online Challan? Know Here

You may be a law-abiding citizen and a good driver according to society. However, but it is better to check online if you have a pending challan to your name which you may not be aware of.

With the new Motor Amendment Bill effective and immediate from Sept 1, the high rise amount of fines has seen a drastic change. Although, this rule won’t affect you much if you are an obedient driver on the road. But even if you are, it’s better to check if you have an online pending challan issued against your two-wheeler/ four-wheeler, just to be on the safer side.

Yes, with the Government focusing on technology and making people’s lives easier, they have a particular website assigned where you can see if you have any pending online challan.

Online pending challan image

Also, called the E-Challan, it can be viewed on your registered mobile number. You open the link and can view the pending challan online. Similarly, you can have the option of paying it online. Information such as the exact date and time of your route and image of your vehicle can be observed.

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You can visit the website by clicking here and check for yourself if you have a pending challan under your name or not. If not, then you are the law-abiding citizen and keep driving safe in the future too.

Also, visit here and get yourself logged in to updated your registered mobile number. You will get all the notifications of the challan.

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Now, talking about the increased challan rates, the transport ministry has revised to ensure safe travelling on the road. The revised traffic fine prices are as follows:

OffenceOld FineNew Fine
No License5005000
Driving without qualification50010,000
Dangerous Driving1000Up to 5000
Drunk Driving2,00010,000
Accident by MinorOwner to be held guilty with a fine of Rs 25,00 and 3 years imprisonment
Seat Belt1001000
Vehicle Without permit500010,000
No Bus Ticket200500

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