Bajaj Avenger Petrol-Electric Hybrid Modification Costs Just Rs 28,000

Conversion kit seen on this Bajaj Avenger includes Hub Motor, Regenerative Controller, Wrist Throttle, disc with catcher, mounting plate and Coupler

Electric Vehicles are the need of the hour as fuel prices and pollution levels have touched new heights. But the high prices and the limited charging infrastructure are two of the major deterrents when it comes to adoption of EVs. That said, it looks like things are getting better as many companies have come up with conversion kits that turn a combustion engine-equipped vehicle into an EV. But what we have today with us is probably the first Bajaj Avenger in the country that can run on petrol as well as electricity.

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Equipped with a GoGoA1 17inch 2000W Brushless Hub Motor kit that is available online for as little as Rs 27,760, this Bajaj Avenger tackles the problem of limited charging infrastructure through offering the user an option to switch between petrol and electricity based on his convenience. The kit includes a Hub Motor, Regenerative Controller, Wrist Throttle, disc with catcher, mounting plate and Coupler, and can be retrofitted on any motorcycle. As you can see above, the motorcycle looks close to the stock model with the only difference arising out of the mounting of the battery pack, a new front wheel that has a hub motor mounted on it and a small switch that lets one switch on the electric power.

The kit is not very easy to install with the front forks required the re-fabrication to accommodate the new front wheel. Also, the disc rotor that comes with the new wheel requires modification for successful pairing the motorcycle. Next, the battery pack needs to be assembled and even requires fabrication of a metal box through cutting and welding. After that, it needs to be mounted at the rear of the motorcycle after moving the traffic indicators to a new position. In most cases, this won’t be a DIY project as many don’t have the fabrication skills and tools required to carry out a job like this but one can easily get all of it done at a neighbourhood mechanic. Next, the controller is installed through some minor changes to the electrical system. Finally, a switch to engage and disengage electric motor is added near the original switchgear.

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bajaj avenger electric petrol hybrid modification
Bajaj Avenger electric petrol hybrid modification kit

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Finally, the Bajaj Avenger petrol-electric hybrid is shown being ridden only on battery power. From the looks of it, the motorcycle has a top speed of 60 kmph when running on electricity and even offers a reverse mode. This is certainly a very sensible modification for everyone who needs to cut down on the fuel costs but still worries about the lack of a proper EV infrastructure along with the high purchase price of electric vehicles.

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