Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Vs TVS Apache160 4V Vs Hornet 2.0 Drag Race!

This is a cool video of a drag race between Pulsar NS160, Apache 160 4V and Hornet 2.0. These are fairly popular bikes in the 160 cc segment. As a matter of fact, most people are trying to make these bikes into performance bikes. Hornet is a bit more powerful than the other two and also more expensive. Apart from that, the competition is quite even with almost similarly capable motorcycles. Before we go ahead with the race, we would like to urge all of you that don’t try to do something like this yourself. This YouTuber is a professional and the tests are done in a somewhat controlled environment. But performing these races out on a highway could prove to be fatal not just for you but also for others.

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Pulsar vs Apache vs Hornet – Drag Race

The YouTuber mentions that they will perform the race only once. It is a drag race to test the acceleration and top speeds of these bikes. However, it must be understood that the Pulsar and Hornet come with a top-speed limiter and the Apache does not. The race starts and the acceleration of the Apache and Hornet was visible from the very beginning. The Pulsar was lagging behind in the initial stage. However, the mid-range pull of the Pulsar compensated for the lesser acceleration at the beginning. That made all the difference in the end as well.

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Pulsar Apache Hornet Race

The results are somewhat surprising but all these bikes are so closely stacked against each other in terms of specifications and size that choosing between these is not easy. Pulsar was able to perform better in the mid and high-range whereas the initial acceleration of the Apache and Hornet was impressive. The margin of victory at the end was little. But Pulsar was able to beat the other two quite clearly. The Apache come in at the second spot. Hornet was a close third in the standings. It must be mentioned here that these bikes are BS6 versions. The YouTuber decides not to do multiple attempts because the results will most likely remain the same and there was no particular issue with the first attempt itself.

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