WATCH – Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BSVI vs Honda Hornet 2.0 Drag Race

Drag racing is certainly one of the most proven ways to find out which of the two or more vehicles is the one that’s quicker, at least in a straight line. Over the time, many have participated in organized as well as unorganised drag races to figure out if their vehicles hold an edge over the others. Unfortunately, the drag race video we have with us today belongs to the latter category and we’re not exactly happy to see a drag race being conducted on a public road. The result, however, gives us a clear cut idea of which among the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BSVI and the Honda Hornet 2.0 is quicker.

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At the start of the race, the two riders clearly mention that the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 has an advantage over the Honda Hornet 2.0 as it’s more powerful. Yet, the two being similarly priced and even having similar street naked styling, do make for strong rivals. A drag race between the two settles any questions on which one’s more potent for once and for all. With this rationale, the duo starts racing. Overall, two rounds were conducted and the same model won both races. In the first round, the Honda Hornet inches ahead of the Pulsar but within seconds, the NS200 can be seen comfortably zipping past the Hornet. From there on, the P200 continues to speed ahead. A look at the speedo console shows the Hornet topping out below 130 kmph, while the NS200’s speedo shows figures upwards of 140 kmph. True, speedo error can’t be ruled out here but it’s clear that the Pulsar is quicker and probably the faster of the two as the gap between the top motorcyles continues increasing even when both of them are at v-max.

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Next, the two riders switch motorcycles and prepare for the second round of the race. In this run, the Hornet manages to stay slightly ahead of the NS200 for a longer time. However, by the time the two motorcycles enter third gear, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 has zipped past the Hornet. Even in this round, the NS200 wins by a huge margin. Once again, the Hornet was seen topping out below 130 kmph while NS200’s speedo shows speeds in excess of 140 kmph.

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The results are hardly surprising. As discussed at the start of the video, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BSVI has a clear cut power advantage over the Honda Hornet 2.0. Speaking of the specs, the former comes with a 199.5cc single-cylinder, triple-spark fuel-injected engine that outputs a maximum power of 24.5PS and a peak torque of 18.5 Nm. The motor comes mated to a 6-speed transmission. On the other hand, the Hornet 2.0 has a 184.4cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine that offers 17.26PS and 16.1Nm. The motor comes paired with a 5-speed transmission. In spite of a major difference in the performance, the two motorcycles cost pretty much the same. The NS200 has a maximum ex-showroom price of Rs 1.39 lakh and the Hornet 2.0 costs Rs 1.31 lakh, which isn’t really too much of a difference.

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