Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle Caught Testing In Pune


Bajaj had very ambitious plans with the its first ever attempt in the small car market the Bajaj RE60. The company was working on the same together with Renault-Nissan but quite unfortunate it was that Nissan pulled out of the project completely. Since Bajaj had already spent months on the project and could not discontinue the work, it has decided to proceed all alone.

Mr. Bajaj has always been known for his sincere and daring efforts and the latest news is that he plans to take ahead the Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle or 4 wheeler by himself. The company has started off with the first phase of testing the RE60 and one of the fellow automobile blogs, Anything-On-Wheels has spotted the car in Pune.

Bajaj RE60 Pune

Evidently this test mule is the top of the line variant. Why? Well because it sports alloy wheels which are only available on the top end RE60. What is even more interesting is the camouflage and we will tell you why. At the 2012 Auto Expo held in New Delhi, Bajaj Auto fully unveiled the RE60 and therefore the camouflage seen in the image was not needed. So with the camouflage here, Bajaj may be hiding some tweaks or minor cosmetic modifications.

Bajaj RE60 Pune side

Talking about the car now, the name is quite interesting as the characters RE stand for ‘Rear Engined’ and the number 60 stands for 60 gm/km of CO2 that the car emits through the exhaust. This extremely compact car is powered by a 200 CC, water cooled, DTSi engine that produces a max power output between 15 and 20 BHP and helps attain the car a top speed of 70 KMPH. Although the mileage figure is not known, the small engine is expected to return an overwhelming 30 to 35 KMPL.

Quadricycle in India

People who think the RE60 is a Nano competitor shall understand that it is not intended to be launched in the personal vehicle space. As Mr. Bajaj says the car is more of a three wheeler with an extra wheel for stability, and it will be launched in the commercial vehicle sector. Essentially it is meant for auto rickshaw drivers.

Bajaj RE60 Pune rear

Recently the Indian Government gave approval to an all new segment named Quadricycles, which will comprise of vehicles between a three wheeler and a passenger car. And the RE60 perfectly fits in this segment.

This car will soon be replacing all the Bajaj three-wheelers in the market and it will surely offer better safety, features and much more.

Source – Anything-on-wheels