Best Selling Car Of The Year 2012 Is Ford Focus!


Ford Focus has become the world’s bestselling car for the year 2012. Focus has snatched this title from Toyota Corolla. It tops world car sales in 2012 and sits on the cloud nine by defeating the tough contender Toyota Corolla. Ford Focus has sold at around a predicted good number of units which was more than Corolla. Ford motor company is one of the best motor companies around the globe. The Ford Focus compact cars are the most and among one of the best selling cars in Ford family. The Ford Focus is a compact car and made a record breaking selling. It is also known as the best-selling passenger car. These cars are the most demanded ones from China and USA. This is decided and informed to our readers on the data bases on an automotive consulting firm.

Best Selling Car Of The Year 2012 Is Ford Focus

This is a predicted idea that the motor maker sold at around 1,020,410 units of the vehicle in the year 2012. This was a prediction declared on one of the weekdays. The ford motor company has loads of best cars in his family and they also provides platform to other companies to deal with India in auto cars. Ford tops the division by providing not only the Ford Focus hatch but also the four door sedan.

The Ford Focus is available with the powerful engine of 2.0LTi-VCT GDI l-4 PZEV which produces 160Ps of maximum power @6500 Rpm and the maximum torque of 146 Nm @4450. The engine for the four door sedans are a bit different and kept as an option for the consumers to chose. The exterior and interiors both are smoking. By these traits the Focus is ahead then the Corolla. It is also said that more than one out of four the Ford Focus gets consumed by the China auto mart. As per an auto media the world’s biggest market has registered sales up at around 51%. The Focus was launched in the China March last year. The Ford motor company says that USA sales were up by 40% in the year 2012. Everybody knows about USA’s SUV and truck mart and thus Ford has smartly launched its F- series of the pickup trucks.

All in all we can say that the Ford Focus brings the cheers in the ford camp by providing the glory of designing and engineering in the cars. Ford can create history easily and it can be said easily by looking at the success of Ford Figo.