Upset Over Unpaid Dues, Bihar Labourer Sets House Owner’s Mercedes on Fire

Car News » Upset Over Unpaid Dues, Bihar Labourer Sets House Owner’s Mercedes on Fire

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A shocking incident of revenge has come to light where a man is seen setting the car on fire of the person who allegedly owed him money.

A man reportedly sets a Mercedes on fire in broad daylight in Noida. You must’ve heard about stories of revenge where people go to extreme lengths. This certainly qualifies as one such case where this person took the law into his own hands to exact revenge for unpaid dues. Here are the details of this astounding case.

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Man Sets Mercedes on Fire

The video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel of the Hindustan Times. As per the report, the man was identified as a 40-year-old Ranveer from Bihar who is a labourer. He installed pipes at the residence of Ayush, in Sadarpur. Ranveer says that the total cost of the work was Rs 5 lakh but Ayush only paid it partially. There were unpaid dues amounting to Rs 2.20 lakh. Ranveer claims that Ayush refused to pay these dues, while the latter denies the claims altogether.

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Resultantly, Ranveer is seen in this CCTV footage approaching Ayush’s Mercedes in broad daylight and setting it ablaze. Before committing the act, he looked around to see that no one would be watching. However, this footage was leaked by the insurance company where Ayush had sent it to claim the amount for damages. Ranveer is seen spraying some sort of inflammable liquid on the bonnet of the car. Within the next few seconds, the car is engulfed in flames. Ranveer was arrested two days after the incident.

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Netizens see both sides of the equation. While some side with Ranveer saying that rich people often exploit poor labourers, others mention that no one has the right to take the law into his/her own hands. We could only hope that the matter is investigated thoroughly and the guilty party must be dealt with according to the judicial procedure. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Caught on CCTV: Bihari labourer sets owner's Mercedes fire
Caught on CCTV: Bihari labourer sets owner’s Mercedes fire

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