Used Car Buying Guide: Thing To Check Before Buying A Used Car

In this article, we provide you with the main things that you should check when you are buying a used car in India. Read ahead to get the tips before buying a second-hand car.

Here, we provide you with the main things that you must check before you are buying a used car. In India, the used car market is much big and 1 month old to 20-year-old cars vehicles can be found for you to buy. Many people think of a used car if they are buying their first car or they cannot afford a brand new car and opt for a good used car in the same budget. You can also see people buying a 1-year-old or a 10-year-old BMWs, Audis and Mercs. For that, a lot of people might or might not know the things they should consider while buying a used car. With these tips, you are sure to get a good buy within the price that you wanted.

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Age of the Car

First, check how old the car is before you buy it. If it is too old and if you think that its spare parts would be limited in the market, then try avoiding it.

Exterior body of the car

Check the exteriors of the car first. Check If the car has damaged paint job, rusted metal, dents or scratches over the body. If anything is noticeable inform the owner of the car to get it fixed before he hands it over to you.

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Interior Cabin of the Car

Now coming inside the car, check the seat covers, plastic quality, dashboard and other cabin equipment. If the interiors are damaged or not in good condition, you might not feel comfortable.

Buying A Used Car

Inside the Bonnet

Now time to open the Bonnet. Open the bonnet of the car and check if the hoses, belts, AC coil, radiator, battery, and Fan is working properly. If either one of the things is damaged, then it will cost a lot to get it fixed.

Problems in the Engine

Before buying a used car, you have to test drive the car. While driving it, check the vibrations of the engine and if it is making any noises while turning, braking or shifting gears. Rev the car once or twice to see if there is any problem with it. Also, keep the car at neutral gear for a minute and see if the vibrations or sounds are very high.

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Buying A Used Car

Average Mileage and Total Kilometers

While taking the test drive, you can also check the average mileage and how many kilometres it has run. If the car is not much old, then you can check the average mileage on the MID near the speedometer. For older cars, it is advisable to drive for at least 10-15 Kms to get a basic idea.

The condition of Acceleration, Clutch, and Brake pedals

Also, check if the accelerator pedal, clutch, and brakes are tight or loose. All these three pedals should not be too tight and should not be too loose. For example, if the clutch is too tight then it means that it is damaged. If the brakes are too loose then it means either they are weak or the brake pads are damaged.

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Quality of Tires

Check for quality of tires. If the tire is damaged then your car might skid on a wet road or at time of hard braking.

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Buying A Used Car

Electrical Equipment

Coming to the electricals, if you are buying a 6 – 7-year-old model then it would not come with much technology. However, if it not 5 years old at least, then you have to check all the electric equipment in the car. Things like headlights, fog lamps, wipers, AC, power windows and all should be check first. In high-end cars, also check the touchscreen infotainment system, electric sunroof, reverse parking sensors, camera and all these things. Most of the new electrical equipment is costly, which might burn a hole in your pocket if damaged.

Buying A Used Car

The condition of Safety Features

Most of the new cars come with a lot of safety features. Now you cannot check the Airbags or ABS by just looking at it or opening it. If these safety features are not working, then most of the times, a light indicator can be seen on the instrument cluster beside the speedometer.

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Automatic Car

Now, if you are buying a used Automatic car, then you have to check the gear shifting and brakes first. In automatic cars, the brakes are used more than they are used in manual cars. The wear and tear of brakes in the Automatic cars are usually more. So, get these things checked before buying an automatic one. Also, if it is a high-end car, things like paddle shifters, cruise control and all should also be checked.

Purchasing a used SUV? 

If you are buying a used SUV, first of all, check its suspension. SUVs are known for good suspension. So if the suspension of the SUV is damaged or not working properly, avoid taking that car.

Internet Tips

Now for these 2 tips, you have to get out of the car and go on the internet. Read the reviews of the car before you buy it. Whatever majority of the reviews say about that car, try to follow that idea only. If the car is still available in the showrooms, then check the price of the brand new car before buying its used version. If there is not a much difference, then you can take it as a brand new. Also, the knowledge of prices will help you negotiate better with the seller.

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Lastly before buying a used car, check all the documents of the car which include RC Papers, Insurance, and PUC papers. These three documents are asked by a policeman when he pulls you over.

With these tips, you are ready for buying a used car. Tune to CarBlogIndia for more such tips and tricks. 

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