Is Your Car AC Silently Suffocating You – Other Harmful Effects

Car AC is an essential luxury that owners look forward to, however, the improper use of car air conditioning can be suffocating you and be pretty harmful. Read more to find Your Car Air Conditioning Is Suffocating You & Other Harmful Consequences

Your Car AC Is Suffocating You & Other Harmful Consequences

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The hot Indian summers make the car air conditioning an essential luxury. However, the cooling technology is often misused unknowingly. This improper use can cause several problems for your health and the health of your car. Fortunately, you can prevent air conditioner side effects by following a few simple rules. To begin with, always remember to blow out the decayed air in your car. If your vehicle is left used for a while, the closed windows can collect a lot of bad air. It is important to open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate before you turn the AC. Once the passive wind blows out and fresh air fills in, turn the AC on and close the windows. Also, remember that turning on both engine and AC at the same time makes the battery work harder and affects efficiency. It is advisable to turn the AC on after ten minutes of starting the engine.

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While car air conditioning makes your journey comfortable, using it for a longer duration can cause a suffocation-like feeling called hypoxia. The inside of the car circulates the air, creating a lack of oxygen. Last year, a man was found dead inside his car after he decided to take a nap inside his car with the AC on. The car’s engine produces gases like carbon monoxide which can be deadly in large amounts in closed spaces. This gas is sucked into the vehicle’s cabin by the AC vent. It replaces the oxygen in your blood, leading to a slow ‘asphyxiation’.


When driving long-distance, open the windows regularly to let the new air enter your cabin to balance the oxygen levels and to prevent your car AC from suffocating you and other harmful consequences. Using AC for long hours also dries out the skin and the nasal passage. Additionally, suddenly going from your air-conditioned car to the outside environment is not healthy for you. The sudden temperature change can be hazardous in the long run, even causing a heart attack. The simple rule to follow here is to turn off the AC a few minutes ago before arriving at your destination. A good car AC is a blessing, however, it is important to follow a few rules to create a healthy environment for you and improve your car’s battery.

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