Chevrolet Cruze Plug-In Hybrid In The Making– Will It Run On Indian Roads?


Chevrolet has made its mark in the auto industry with the introduction of a brilliant electric hybrid car like Chevrolet Volt. The car was hugely appreciated but the reception in the market has been quite stiff.

Last year the company showcased a Cruze incorporating Volt’s technology which projected that soon the company will come up with a Cruze variant similar to Volt but at the same occasion one of the spokesperson made it clear that the production model will be quite different.

The new Cruze will be a conventional plug-in hybrid and will be a lot different from Volt. This will eventually end up placing both the cars in different segments so that they don’t affect each others’ sales.

Chevrolet Cruze Hybrid

image- Chevrolet Cruze Hybrid

The Volt uses a range extender, which is a gasoline engine, that comes into play when the electric battery shows 0 miles left. Then the engine starts recharging the battery which further uses the same energy to power the wheels. The Cruze’s mode of operation will be quite different as it will use the combination of both petrol engine and battery.

Cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid have not done well in the market but the Bengaluru based GM’s research center is actively working on the Cruze Hybrid and we are hoping to see a better Hybrid car. Maybe a few years down the line with improved technologies and better government sops for electric and Hybrid cars in India, we will see Cruze Hybrid on Indian roads.

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