Chevrolet Spark 800 Launch In India By 2012


General Motors India’s President Karl Slym has confirmed that the launch of Chevrolet Spark 800 in India is planned in 2 years time frame. The Chevrolet Spark 800 is already available in some countries, in India, the existing model of Chevrolet Spark has a 1 Litre petrol MPFI Engine. This engine delivers a max power of 63 BHP and max torque of about 90 Nm. The 800 CC car by Chevrolet will compete with the Hyundai 800 which will be coming near to the launch of Spark 800 in India.  This will intensify the competition in small car segment which is mostly conquered by Maruti Alto 800 CC. Also the Tata Dolphin, the car larger than Tata Nano and smaller than Tata Indica is also expected by 2012. Its going to be an interesting time when the next Auto Expo In India to be held in 2012 will be full of a new generation of 800 CC small cars.

chevrolet spark 800

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  1. The high jump crossbar is dipping low each day for the “small car” segment. How small is the “small car” is not the question; rather how affordable is the “small car” is the ultimate question. Some of the automobile people often skip the question to keep their chairs safe in the corporate jungle. Nobody, except TATA, is brave enough to make the daring move of putting a price tag that brings smiles to the “small car” bazar. The Alto sports a price tag that does not fit its size. The GM Spark is too old to carry a new price tag, whereas the Hyundai Santro is struggling to keep the sales figures intact in the metros. The new generation customers are not afraid to take risks based upon futuristic options. People want to stress their identity, do something different, and stay in the spotlight. The “uniformity” of Maruti 800 for the middle class has come to an end. Come 2012 and the same will unfold for the Alto. Maruti better put some serious thoughts on their Cervo before they attach some 650cc tiny heart to the Cervo and let it fight the 800cc Hyundai and GM spark. Some times being brave might seem foolish; its better to be cautious before fighting tough competetors!!!


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