This Chinese EV is a Hyundai Santro Lookalike with Merc Face

Chinese companies are known for replicas of popular products and here’s an EV that looks like the old Hyundai Santro with a Merc face.

This Chinese EV looks like the old Hyundai Santro with the face of a Merc. Low-priced EVs, especially the two-wheelers, are known for being quirky in terms of design but the same seems to be true about this Chinese electric car, which, frankly, looks pretty weird. Electric cars are bound to be the sole reality of future mobility. The ever-stringent becoming emission regulations and environment-friendly policies across the globe are persuading people to opt for electric cars at the moment. However, the high initial cost and range anxiety are the major factors restraining people from buying EVs on a massive scale. With affordable and city-friendly products, however, things could change rather drastically. But the problem here is that most low-cost EVs come from China, which has long been notorious for copying car designs.

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Chinese EV With Merc Face

Gaia GBZ X-8 is a car in China that is small and compact but has the fascia of a Mercedes. Through this, the carmaker seems to have tried to offer a unique combination of affordability and a luxurious exterior. The front-end is made to look like a modern Merc with large LED headlamps, massive grille, sporty bumpers, plenty of chrome, and the results are, well, a mixed bag. The tail-end also features the LED taillamp setup directly borrowed from a Merc. Funnily enough, the side profile of the GBZ X-8 exposes the real design of the EV. From the sides, the door panels are relatively simple and remind one of the old Hyundai Santro, which used to be one of the most popular city cars in our market.


The EV has the option of charging the battery by plugging it into a power source. Alternatively, there is a petrol-powered generator at the front that could also charge the battery and not let it die. This sort of hybrid setup could be useful for people who have the fear of getting stuck on the road. The EV takes around 8-10 hours to get fully charged. It features a 72V Lead Acid battery that enables a top speed of 60km/h. The dimensions of the car measure 3,450 mm (L) x 1,550 mm (W) x 1,630 mm (H) making it manoeuvrable in the city.

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hyundai santro with mercedes face
Gaia GBZ X-8 is a Chinese electric car that looks like the old Hyundai Santro with Mercedes face.

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Let us know your feelings about this old Hyundai Santro lookalike EV with the face of a Merc. Would be willing to buy something like this if you had the option, or would you opt for something more traditional?

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