Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Vs Volkswagen Polo Petrol- Which Is Better and Why?

Its been a while since we are trying every bit to bring important car comparisons to you to help you know these cars better and choose the best to buy accordingly. Toyota Etios Liva is the latest hot small car in the hatchback segment and according to us the most probable competitors for the car are Hyundai i20 , Volkswagen Polo, Maruti Swift  and Fiat Grande Punto.

The comparison between Hyundai i20 and Etios Liva has already been written and you can read it. The next tough competitor is the Polo and in this post we will try to find out which one is better of the two and why?


Following our conventional comparison patter we would start with the exteriors first.

Toyota Etios Liva Exteriors Vs Volkswagen Polo Exteriors

Both the cars have their own charm in their designing cues. The Liva has got alloy wheels, side skirting, sporty rear and front fender, rear spoiler, front grille with chrome finish (available in top variants) etc. Considering its German foe’s looks, the car is too simple with no spoiler and skirting but on the whole the simplicity of Polo says it all. Despite lacking all these additional cosmetic features, Polo’s edgy body design is more attractive than the curve of Liva.

The Polo is typically European in looks and feels very rugged with a nicely built body whereas the Liva is new ,simple and sportier but fails to impress us, at least. So for the looks, the Polo takes the lead.

Volkswagen Polo Dimensions

  • Overall Length : 3970 mm
  • Overall Width  : 1682 mm
  • Overall Height  : 1453 mm
  • Wheel Base  : 2456 mm

Toyota Etios Liva Dimensions

  • Length = 3775 mm
  • Width = 1695 mm
  • Height = 1510 mm
  • Wheelbase = 2460 mm

None of the cars can claim to be more spacious than the other as both are at par in overall dimensions, though the Polo is slightly longer than the Liva. In terms of height or headroom for the passenger again there is a difference of mere 6 centimeters which would hardly account for any space. The wheelbase is again the same with literally no difference and so is the overall width of the two cars. So dimensionally both the cars are very much close and are equally spacious.

Toyota Etios Liva Interiors Vs Volkswagen Polo Interiors

This is most difficult section of the comparison post as both the manufacturers are known for the quality they offer and finding any flaws would just not be fair.

Toyota-Etios-Liva-Interios-2_thumbIMG_2649 (1)

On the inside both have nice quality interiors with unmatched finish. The Liva’s dashboard does look a bit contemporary whereas the Polo’s dashboard looks very simple and conventional. Both have dual air bags, large glove boxes, dual tone fabric upholstery, etc. and a bunch of safety features including ABS and EBD. The tachometer and odometer cluster which is situated at the back of the steering wheel in most of the on-going hatchbacks and in Polo too, is situated in the center in Liva which is unusual and is only seen in Chevrolet Spark.  So on the interiors the Liva takes the lead with a new refreshing design.

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Engine Vs Volkswagen Polo Petrol Engine

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Specifications

  • 4 Cylinder 3NR-FE Engine
  • 1.2 Liter / 4 Cylinder / 16 Valve DOHC
  • Max Power output of 79 BHP @ 5600 RPM
  • 104 Nm Torque @ 3100 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • ARAI Certified Mileage of 18.31 KMPL

Volkswagen Polo Petrol Specifications

  • 1.2 Liter MPFI Petrol Engine
  • Max power 75 BHP @ 5400 RPM
  • Max Torque 110 Nm @ 3750 RPM
  • 5- Speed Manual Transmission

Since the Liva is only available in Petrol variant so we will have to compare it with the Petrol variant of Polo only. Both the cars sport a 1.2 Liter MPFI petrol engine with power outputs of 75 BHP and 79 BHP for the Polo and Liva respectively and it shows how close the competition is, in terms of power. Comparing the torque figures, the Polo has a little more torque on the wheels than the Liva does and both feature a 5 speed manual transmission.

It is a fact that the Liva’s engine is very peppy and delivers impressive driving pleasure but I suggest you not to miss out on the Polo as it is quite impressive too. Although the Polo lags in fuel efficiency but we advice you to test drive both the cars before deciding.

Toyota Etios Liva Petrol Price Vs Volkswagen Polo Petrol Price

Toyota Etios Liva Hatchback Ex-showroom prices in Delhi are as follows:

  • Toyota Etios Liva J is priced at Rs. 3.99 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva G is priced at Rs. 4.59 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva G (SP)* is priced at Rs. 5.05Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva V is priced at Rs. 5.49 Lakhs
  • Toyota Etios Liva VX is priced at Rs. 5.99 Lakhs

The revised prices of Volkswagen Polo are as below:

  • Polo MPFI Petrol Trendline 1.2 Litre  – Rs. 4.42 Lakhs
  • Polo MPFI Petrol Comfortline 1.2 Litre  – Rs. 4.93 Lakhs
  • Polo MPFI Petrol Highline 1.2 Litre  – Rs. 5.82 Lakhs

The pricing of both the cars is again in proximity with each other with the Liva starting and ending at Rs. 3.99 and Rs. 5.99 respectively and the Polo in the price band of Rs. 4.42 and Rs. 5.82 Lakh. We believe the pricing will definitely confuse any buyer as its comparable enough and another factor adding to it is the difference in the number of variants. The base variant Polo Trendline is closely priced to the Liva G and the Liva standard is significantly cheaper by a almost Rs. 40,000. Another notable thing is that the Liva’s top of the line variant is Rs. 18,000 pricier than that of Polo’s.

Car Blog India verdict – Toyota Etios Liva Vs Volkswagen Polo

The verdict on the comparison is difficult as both the small cars are equally deserving. While the Liva is being offered in 5 different variants to choose from, the Polo is competing with only three variants in hand. The quality of the cars is good on the interiors as well as exteriors and also offer a host of features. On one side where the Polo is quite stiff on the road, on the other the Liva is soft and more comfortable.

If you are planning to buy a small car, that too from the same price bracket we want you to test drive both the cars first as it will clearly tell you which one feels better on the road. This way the judgment will be fair as there is no other aspect where differences could be found. I believe looks would also matter for you, so if you want a sportier looking car then go for the higher variants of the Liva and if you believe in simplicity and classy looks then Polo is the one for you.

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