This Contessa x Mercedes Mashup was an Actual Car in India

You would be surprised to see since when the concept of car modifications and mashups of cars in real life has been around.

Have you heard of a car in the Indian market that is made out of the fusion of a Hindustan Contessa and a Mercedes? Well, there was a car dealer in Mumbai who used to sell such a vehicle under the moniker ‘Concedes’. Don’t be surprised by this unique innovation. We have reported so many car modification houses that have come up in recent years that can create an exact replica of just about any car. But to do something like this when the Contessa was around is quite remarkable.

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Contessa-based Mercedes Replica
Contessa-based Mercedes Replica

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Contessa x Mercedes Mashup Car

While there aren’t too many details available on the internet about this unique hybrid vehicle, the images speak for themselves. These images capture the entire appearance of this unique vehicle. Hindustan Contessa was the original muscle car of India evidently inspired by the Ford Mustang of the previous decades. It had a long bonnet and a large overhang at the rear with broad dimensions. The 60s and 70s American automobile market brought the craze of such muscle cars. You must’ve seen such cars in movies.

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On the other hand, Mercedes has always been a brand people admired for its great engineering. They have been in the business of building luxurious cars for decades. Therefore, people used to dream about owning a Mercedes in their lives. To make these two worlds meet, a car dealer in Mumbai decided to attach the front and rear body of a Mercedes onto a Contessa and named it Concedes. Looking at the front and rear would lead you to believe that it is a Mercedes luxury car.

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Contessa vs Mercedes Mashup - Concedes
Contessa x Mercedes Mashup – Concedes

However, between the two body panels was a relatively regular Hindustan Contessa. Reportedly, the dealer sold many models of this car under the pretence of selling a Mercedes. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many details about what happened to the dealer when people found out that they had been cheated. Nevertheless, this is great trivia for people interested in the Indian automobile industry. Do share your thoughts about this.

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