The Business of Customized Cars of American Rappers

Featured ยป The Business of Customized Cars of American Rappers

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It is a well-known fact that rappers have a unique taste in automobiles which is why they end up personalising their already exotic rides.

Customized cars are typical symbols of famous rappers all around the world. However, we are strictly talking about American rappers in this post. The other aspect of this whole scenario is the professional car modification shops. Again, the USA has some of the most well-known car modification houses in the world which is a recipe for incredible vehicles. We shall take a look at what happens behind the scenes in this rapidly burgeoning industry.

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Customized Cars of Famous American Rappers

The video has been uploaded by The Celebrity Cars on YouTube. It is a popular channel that often captures the car collections of popular celebrities from across the world. In this video, he captures insights into the entire business of car modifications and customizations. Rappers have the tendency to get personalized vehicles modified from their go-to car shops. Essentially, expensive and unique cars are a symbol of luxury, wealth and success. Since the net worths of these rappers are in the millions, having special cars highlight that.

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Soulja Boy’s Allegation on Key Glock

However, it also leads to some feuds between various rappers when they allegedly copy the design or theme of the other rapper. This was most famous recently when Soulja Boy alleged other rappers to have stolen his yellow pattern for their cars. This was a direct attack on the rapper Key Glock whose entire car collection is filled with just yellow cars. Apart from that, the video mentions some rappers whose car collections are just unique like Lil Baby with products like Mercedes-AMG G800 Brabus finished in a satin blue shade. It won the prize of the Best SUV at the 2022 Summer Car Show.

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Similarly, the style of car customization of rapper Travis Scott is quite unique as well. He loves chocolate brown so much that he has wrapped most of his cars in that colour shade. This includes vehicles like Lamborghini Aventador Roadster which was created by West Coast Customs in LA. Other cars include Range Rover, Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, and Lamborghini Urus Venatus Mansory. Finally, the best way to stand apart from the crowd is to own rare vintage and classic cars, obviously modified to suit the needs.

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