DC’s Mahindra Thar Is COSTLIER Than Jeep Wrangler- Will You Buy It?

DC has decided to modify the latest-gen Mahindra Thar making it significantly costlier than even a Jeep Wrangler, the iconic SUV the new Thar is allegedly ‘inspired’ from. The fact that the iconic car modifier has decided to take on this project is great news for DC fans. Thar has become extremely popular ever since its launch. Mahindra is not able to keep up with the demand and the waiting period is more than 12 months in some parts of the country. The overall design includes a third axle and a 6×6 drive system. The DC-fied Mahindra Thar looks almost futuristic with barely any resemblance to the original SUV. What exactly are the modifications, let us find out!

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dc mahindra thar 6x6 images front

DC Mahindra Thar Costlier Than Jeep Wrangler

Let us address the elephant in the room. What is this unique version of Thar going to ost you? Well, the answer is quite surprising, to say the least. The modification will cost you around a whopping Rs 70 lakh. The cost of which variant you buy is not included in this. With the Wrangle costing around Rs 55 lakh, can it prove to be a better purchase? We will leave that decision for you.

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DC Mahindra Thar – Looks

The front end of the Thar features a typical grille with vertical slats, the body shape is quite rectangular, the headlamps have a traditional boxy pattern, the fenders extend out of the bonnet line, there are patterns on the bonnet hood, the windshield is split in two and given a curved shape and the front skid plate and bumper is given a robust look. The sides look completely from a sci-fi movie. The wheel arches are so far extended out from the body and the tyre design looks completely retro. The wheels are chunky and high profile to aid the ride quality in off-roading scenarios.

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The entire front area from the windshield to the rear passenger window is covered in glass. The roof also features a glass design. Needless to say, the wheelbase has been extended to accommodate the third axle. The ORVMs are substituted by cameras that feed the real-time video to the driver via a display. The rear windshield is raked and the spare tyre is mounted at the rear as well, just like to original Thar. The taillamp design is quite simple but practical.

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dc mahindra thar 6x6 images interior dashboard

How to buy one?

Well, it is not as straightforward as paying DC Rs 70 lakh and done. Because these are heavy modifications to the SUV, you are required to present an approval from the RTO. You have to state all the changes that you plan to make to your car and then get it approved by the department. Only then can you supply your Mahindra Thar to DC for the project to begin. Do you want to consider the DC modified Mahindra Thar over the standard Jeep Wrangler?

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